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The Best Time Chandler Broke Character On Friends

"Friends" is not only one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, but is also widely considered one of the best. The premise may be simple — six friends living in New York City and navigating friendships, dating, and work lives — but the series is full of depth, nuance, and, most of all, tons of comedic mishaps.

The success of the series' humor pretty much comes down to two elements: the writing and the actors. All of the six main stars — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer — embody their characters fully on the show. They have distinct comedy styles that, when combined, make for an incredible dynamic among the friend group.

While most of the show's humor comes from the situation side of things rather than straightforward jokes, there is one character who makes a ton of quips while in conversation with his friends: Chandler Bing, who is played by Perry. The rest of the friends might be tired of Chandler's jokes, but the audience always finds them hilarious, and they make for some of the best one-liners of the show. Furthermore, Perry is perfect in the role of the sarcastic jokester. But perfection doesn't always happen on the first try, leading to tons of hilarious bloopers, forgotten lines, or general mess-ups. Here's one of the highlights from Perry's gag reel.

Chandler finds Joey's pain a little too funny

"Friends" fans will likely remember the Season 6 episode "The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance," during which Joey (LeBlanc) — out of work at the time and without insurance — gets a hernia while weightlifting. Because he doesn't have any insurance, he refuses to go to the hospital and deals with the crippling pain instead. In one scene at Central Perk, Joey hunches over in pain as he walks from the counter to the couch with his and Chandler's coffees, groaning the whole time. Chandler, watching Joey struggle, keeps a straight face. Then, after Joey sits, Chandler teases him by asking, "Hey, will you grab me a cruller?"

It's a hilarious scene, in large part because of Perry's stone-faced reaction to the hilarious physicality on LeBlanc's part; Chandler's line about the cruller is stated with precise delivery from Perry. That delivery, as it turns out, took a whole lot of takes to get right.

In a gag reel, three takes of this scene are shown back-to-back because Perry couldn't stop laughing at LeBlanc's hunched-over walk and dramatic groaning. In the first take, Perry starts laughing before LeBlanc even reaches the couch. In the second, he starts laughing sooner and makes LeBlanc laugh along too. Finally, in the third, Perry is able to keep the straight face for a bit longer but starts laughing right as he should be saying his "cruller" line. LeBlanc laughs along and says, "Oh come on!", likely a bit exasperated over having to hunch over so many times.

Watching this charming moment of Perry being unable to contain his laughter is made even funnier when watched alongside the final version of the scene.