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Enchanted 2 - What We Know So Far

It has been 14 years since the musical comedy "Enchanted" was released. The film, a satire of many of the tropes of Disney classics, tells the story of Giselle (Amy Adams). She's a typical fairytale princess who lives in a magical animated world surrounded by talking animals and wooed by the handsome Prince Edward (James Marsden). However, after a run-in with the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), Giselle gets transported to a strange and hostile land called New York City.

The film's delightful fish-out-of-water comedy, dazzling musical numbers, and game performances from its cast helped make "Enchanted" a hit (and one of the best films to watch on Disney+). It raked in $340 million at the global box office and received glowing reviews from critics. Adams' perfectly calibrated performance was singled out for praise and she received a Golden Globe nomination, as well as a slew of other notices and wins, for her work.

Despite all that success, the movie has yet to see a sequel. But much like Snow White being awakened from her eternal slumber by a true love's kiss, things are about to change. A follow-up to "Enchanted," titled "Disenchanted," is currently in the works and those who have been pining for a continuation of Giselle's story are about to be happier than a singing woodland creature.

Here's everything we know so far about "Disenchanted."

Disenchanted will come out sometime in 2022

On May 17, Disney tweeted a photo of Adams and "Disenchanted" director and co-writer Adam Shankman. The caption revealed two exciting bits of information about the forthcoming sequel: the movie has officially entered production and it will premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2022. Of course, that still leaves out an important detail, namely when in 2022 the movie will come out.

Without any official word, it's obviously not possible to say exactly when the movie will premiere. However, we can make some educated guesses as to when the release window might be. Considering the film entered production in the middle of 2021, "Disenchanted" seems most likely to come out in the latter half of 2022. In fact, "Enchanted" itself was released in November, presumably to take advantage of the winter holidays and awards season. Will Disney want to pull a similar move for the sequel?

It's too soon to tell what Disney has in mind for "Disenchanted," but don't be surprised if it comes out sometime in the fall or winter of 2022.

Familiar heroes and new villains will collide in Disenchanted

When it comes to the cast of "Disenchanted," fans of the first film are going to feel like they've had their wishes granted by a fairy godmother. Not only is Adams returning to play Giselle once again, but original cast members Marsden, Patrick Dempsey, and Idina Menzel are all also slated to appear in the sequel. Dempsey played Giselle's earthling love interest Robert, while Menzel was his girlfriend Nancy. Robert's young daughter Morgan, who bonds with Giselle, was played by child actor Rachel Covey in the original film. In "Disenchanted," the character will be played by newcomer Gabby Baldacchino (via Walt Disney Studios on Twitter).

And that is only half of the story. "Disenchanted" is also getting a slew of new additions to the cast. Back in April, Deadline reported that Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Jayma Mays had all joined the sequel. Rudolph is slated to be the central villain of the film, Malvina Monroe, a role the two-time Emmy winner relishes. She told Variety of the upcoming project, "If this had been maybe 15 years ago and someone was like, 'Do you want to be the bad guy?' I might've said, 'Geez, I don't know.' But I've come to learn in my many years that the most fun thing you get to do is when you get to play The Most."

As for Brown, best known for her work on the cult-classic sitcom "Community," and "Glee" star Mays, Deadline suggests that they may also be villainous characters.

And finally, Disney has also confirmed that musician Kolton Stewart and Oscar Nunez of "The Office" have also been added to the cast.

What do we know so far about the plot of Disenchanted?

According to information obtained by Disney news site The DisInsider, "Disenchanted" will allegedly see Giselle leaving the Big Apple behind for the suburbs with Robert and Morgan. It doesn't end up being a happy ending, though. The DisInsider reports that the conflict supposedly kicks off after "Giselle makes a wish to transform their lives into a perfect fairytale." Of course, this being a film called "Disenchanted," it doesn't go as planned. Giselle's spell ends up being a flop and it "puts Giselle in a rush against the clock to save both her family and her Kingdom of Andalasia before the clock strikes midnight."

Supposedly, Rudolph's character will be somehow involved in the suburban enclave Giselle finds herself in and the Seven Dwarfs will be making an appearance in the film. It's important to note that, at the time of writing, not all of these details have not been officially confirmed.

If the details are true, they do still leave many possibilities in the air. How will Prince Edward and Nancy fit into the story? Will Queen Narissa make an appearance? Who exactly are the new characters played by Brown, Mays, Stewart, and Nunez?

We'll have to wait until the stroke of midnight aka sometime in 2022 to find out.