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Kathryn Hahn's MTV Movie And TV Awards Acceptance Speech Had An Important Message

One of the most unique honors at the MTV Movie and TV Awards is that of Best Villain, a category you're not going to see at any other awards show. This year's nominees included Giancarlo Esposito ("The Mandalorian"), Ewan McGregor ("Birds of Prey"), Aya Cash ("The Boys"), Nicholas Hoult ("The Great"), and Kathryn Hahn ("WandaVision"). Hahn took home the award, which wasn't surprising considering the massive success that "WandaVision" was, and how Hahn was trending every Friday on Twitter for her portrayal of Agatha Harkness — in addition to her theme song, "Agatha All Along," becoming a huge hit on Spotify (via The Wrap)

The actress was in attendance to accept the award — her second of the night, after previously winning Best Fight with Elizabeth Olsen — and she delivered the laughs as always. Toward the end of her speech, the comedic actress took her message in another direction, and left viewers of the awards show standing with applause — all because of the fierce message Hahn that delivered in a way that only she could.

Kathryn Hahn's MTV Movie and TV Awards speech was all about girl power

Kathryn Hahn might have played a villain in "WandaVision," but the actress brought a whole new meaning to the word "witch" when giving her acceptance speech. 

"Throughout history, a witch has just been ... a woman that's so scary because she stands in her own frickin' power," Hahn said. "To all my witches out there, let's use our power for good." The actress was met with rousing applause from the audience in attendance, as well as the ones at home who took to social media to support the powerful speech.

"KATHRYN HAHN WON BEST VILLAIN AND WAS A QUEEN AT ACCEPTING THAT AWARD!!!! OMG!!!" one excited fan tweeted. Within minutes, the actress was a trending topic on the social media platform yet again as fans praised her, noting how she was one of the most lovable villains of all time. 

Many are suspecting we will see Hahn again in the MCU, reprising her role as Agatha. When speaking with the New York Times, she noted that she would "really, really love it" if she was able to play the witch again. Here's hoping!