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The Real Reason Count Dooku Has A Curved Lightsaber In Star Wars

The lightsaber is possibly the most iconic weapon in all of film history. Something about the shining beam of solid light has captivated sci-fi nerds and 12-year-olds with flashlights since it first entered the public consciousness in the original "Star Wars" film. Since the humble beginnings of Luke Skywalker's simple blue blade, however, lightsabers have been expanded upon greatly throughout the film's sequels and its expanded universe. From double-bladed laser swords to lightsabers with a pitch-black blade, "Star Wars" fans have seen Jedi and Sith alike wield all manner of saber-adjacent weaponry.

One of the most interesting examples in lightsaber history belongs to Count Dooku, the enigmatic Sith leader of the Separatist Army played by the late, great Sir Christopher Lee in "Episode II: Attack of the Clones" and "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith." While it may appear like a standard lightsaber at first glance, Dooku's saber is actually remarkably unique in the series. With its signature curved-hilt design, there is no other weapon quite like it.

Why does Dooku have a special lightsaber in Star Wars?

The fan-managed "Star Wars" "Wookiepedia" gives an in-depth look at the story behind Dooku's unique curved saber hilt. In "Star Wars" canon, the saber we see Dooku wield throughout most of the series is not his first. Once a Jedi, Dooku originally followed the traditional route by creating a lightsaber reminiscent of his master's own weapon. But when Dooku turned away from the Jedi order, he constructed a new lightsaber that reflected his newfound fighting style and attraction to the Dark Side of the Force.

You may notice in the films that Dooku fights differently from opponents like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. His movements are much more elegant and deft, resembling the styles of fencing used by medieval duelists. If "Star Wars" wasn't science-fiction, a character like Anakin might wield a two-handed longsword while Dooku would carry a rapier. As a result, the film's prop designers took inspiration from dueling swords and edged weapons found in Filipino cultures, including the Barong.

This is a small piece of visual characterization that goes a long way for Count Dooku. Viewers can probably gather what kind of character Dooku is just from his fighting style without knowing his backstory. Even in battle, he holds himself above others and uses refined techniques. This not only makes him fun to watch, but it also makes him a believable threat even in the face of the Galaxy's greatest heroes.