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The Confusing Career Move Pam Made On The Office

There were many confusing moves on "The Office," which left viewers of the show wondering what was going through some of the character's heads. Angela (Angela Kinsey) cheated on both of her fiancés, Michael (Steve Carell) literally dragged Meredith (Kate Flannery) to rehab, and he also tried to frame Toby (Paul Lieberstein) with drugs. While some of the employees of Dunder Mifflin were total wackos, the others were relatively normal, which made their bizarre choices that much more confusing.

Pam (Jenna Fischer) was one of the more level-headed Dunder Mifflin employees, although sometimes her choices were odd, to say the least. How she managed to reject Jim (John Krasinski) after their kiss on Casino Night is still baffling, while her decision to bail on art school after three months was also a shocker. Perhaps one of the most confusing things Pam ever did on "The Office" came in Season 5, when she made an absolutely insane career choice.

Pam dropped everything for Michael's new company

In Season 5, Episode 21 ("Two Weeks"), Michael reveals to his coworkers that he's going to start his own paper company, which results in his two weeks being cut short by Charles (Idris Elba). After sneaking back into the office, he tries to recruit his pals to join him, and the only employee silly enough to take him up on his offer is Pam. When Michael is on the floor hiding from Charles, he asks those in the bullpen if they're "doing their best" at Dunder Mifflin, and a camera pan to Pam shows the comment hitting her hard.

Once Michael is spotted, he's kicked out again, but is followed by Pam, who declares that she's going with him. Jim is utterly shocked and runs after her as she leaves her desk and joins Michael in the parking lot. Within seconds, Pam makes a decision to leave her job, where she has security and works with her fiancé, to follow Michael, a boss she knows to be idiotic. While it made for a fun story, the decision didn't really make a lot of sense for Pam. She even regrets the decision after things aren't going well at the Michael Scott Paper Company and asks for her job back, but Charles declines.

Luckily for her, Michael, and Ryan (B.J. Novak), David Wallace (Andy Buckley) caves and buys the Michael Scott Paper Company because they are draining business from Dunder Mifflin. All three former employees are back at the Scranton branch after making some of the biggest mistakes of their careers.