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The Forever Purge Trailer Is Lighting Up The Internet

If you hate rules, but love movies about people who hate rules, then you've probably already flocked to the trailer for "The Forever Purge," the theoretical final bow for the Purge-iverse that mixes the franchise's trademark once-a-year hooliganism with "The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday." Everyone knows the setup: In a not-too-distant future, American nationalists have taken power, instituting an annual 12-hour Purge window during which the generally agreed upon social contract is replaced by a blood-soaked creative writing class philosophy of "the rules don't matter, let's just have fun with it." 

In this latest entry, society slides down a slippery slope. Elaborately outfitted murder stans, like homicidal third act Ebenezer Scrooge types, declare their intention to honor the Purge in their hearts and try to keep it all year. When that iconic siren sounds and citizens of these United States are meant to be getting about the business of awkwardly avoiding eye contact with the neighbors they ran over with their car the night before, an enthusiastic group of celebrants decides to keep the party going.

As a result, we see Juan and Adela (Tenoch Huerta and Ana de la Reguera), alongside their employers the Tucker family (including Will Patton, Josh Lucas, Cassidy Freeman, and Leven Rambin) being pursued by folks who can't wait a whole year to set stuff on fire again. As an added bonus, the Texas setting adds an Old West aesthetic.

Reacting to the Forever Purge trailer

The internet has always been the digital equivalent to a Forever Purge, so it only makes sense that social media felt not just excited by the fresh trailer, but also a little seen. Twitter users described the first glimpse at the "Purge" finale as "harrowing," "bonkers," "another blast from Blumhouse," and a long-awaited entry in a franchise built on guilty pleasures. "The Purge universe has always had the potential to go in various directions. This new one the forever purge looks fascinating," wrote @Breezy2345, while the YouTube comments section praised the assertion that the sequel served as a "Cowboy DLC movie that features barn animals."

The "Purge" series has never been shy about its political underpinnings, and the trailer's not-so-subtle references to current events weren't lost on viewers. More than anything, though, fans found themselves asking the same question that's been rattling around in their collective noggins since the first entry back in 2013, with Twitter user @danthemcmahon summing it up pretty perfectly, stating "I just want to know about the mask economy in the Purge-verse." Truly, there hasn't been a better fictional universe in which to open a Spirit Halloween shop since "Eyes Wide Shut."

"The Forever Purge" hits theaters on July 2.