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Margot Robbie Wants To Bring This Harley Quinn Relationship To The Big Screen

Margot Robbie has her heart set on bringing DC's iconic villain duo to the big screen. No, not the abusive relationship of Harley Quinn and the Joker — we've been there and done that — but rather, Harley and her more fulfilling partner-in-crime, Poison Ivy.

After being the shining star of the otherwise mediocre "Suicide Squad," Robbie has produced and starred in Harley's own movie "Birds of Prey" and is now set to bring the character back in the upcoming "The Suicide Squad." After that, though, it's a mystery where her character will go, but Robbie wants the classic Batman foe Dr. Pamela Isley, AKA Poison Ivy, to be alongside her.

When talking to Den of Geek about the potential of Poison Ivy joining the DCEU, Robbie said, "Trust me, I chew their ear off about it all the time. They must be sick of hearing it, but I'm like, 'Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy. Come on, let's do it.' I'm very keen to see a Harley-Poison Ivy relationship on screen. It'd be so fun. So I'll keep pestering them. Don't worry."

Poison Ivy could be Harley's new romantic interest

Poison Ivy, known for her plant-controlling superpowers, is often teamed up with Harley Quinn in the comics and animated adaptations. Sometimes they're written as best friends, but they also often have a sweet romance going. Ivy has always been the biggest advocate for Harley to ditch Joker, the literal definition of a toxic boyfriend. The pair of them have an undeniable chemistry as badass antiheroes.

Margot Robbie's been angling to bring Poison Ivy into the DCEU for some time now. In 2018, she mentioned Harley and Ivy's "intimate relationship" — both as friends and as a couple — in an interview with Pridesource, saying, "I would love to have Poison Ivy thrown into the universe, because the Harley and Poison Ivy relationship is one of my favorite aspects of the comics, so I'm looking to explore that on screen." She also added that she's "open-minded" about who could play Poison Ivy, as "there's no one person who springs to mind."

There has been talk about a film with the two of them, along with Catwoman, called "Gotham City Sirens." However, the movie has since been put on hold (via SlashFilm). When Warner Bros. was exploring various Harley Quinn spin-offs, Robbie pushed for "Birds of Prey" (via Collider), telling Nerdist that she wanted to bring some unknown female DC characters to the big screen. Now, with the DCEU in a constant state of flux, it's unclear if any of the other ideas will make it to production. It probably depends on if Harley survives "The Suicide Squad."

For now, any fans dying for some fun Harley and Ivy action can watch the animated series "Harley Quinn," which puts their relationship front and center, and will only further explore it in the third season.