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Connected: The Hidden Science Of Everything Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Back in August 2020, Netflix introduced a little science docuseries called "Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything." With just six episodes, it's an easy and informative watch, and the enthusiasm of host Latif Nasser is infectious. People interested in science topics love it, and it has a 100% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes – if that's something that matters to you. 

Nassif expounded about the show on Twitter in multiple tweets the day of its first-season release, saying, "It's about space lasers and dating apps and Saharan fish and extragalactic potatoes and climate change and nuclear weapons and the breath you just took. But it's about more than all that too ... It's about a single simple idea that feels way more resonant now than when we conceived of the show years ago. And it's this: No matter what border walls we erect, no matter what skin colour we have, no matter what virus is trying to kill us, we are all — and will continue to be — connected."

The first-season episodes cover things like poop, dust, numbers, clouds, surveillance, and nuclear bombs and have gotten really good buzz in general. A second season seems like a great idea. Here's what we know about a "Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything" Season 2 right now.

When is the release date of Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything Season 2?

There's some uncertainty about a second season of "Connected." The Cinemaholic reported when the first season came out that it was sure of a renewal within months, but to date, only one other media outlet, WheNetflix, is reporting that the show is returning for sure. It claims Season 2 will feature another six episodes to drop August 1, but we can find no independent confirmation that any of this is true. As far as we can tell, Netflix has not said anything about the series since it launched last year, and it doesn't seem to be on any lists of Netflix releases for August 2021. 

The positive reviews seem to imply the series might be back, but it's hard to say. Netflix has been known to wait months to renew its series, but it has also been known to ax them after the first or second season because it doesn't order pilots the way networks do, instead greenlighting an entire season of shows at a time in order to see if they work.  

If "Connected" gets officially renewed for a second season, it'll still take some production time before it will be ready to air. Expect to wait the better part of a year after a renewal before the show returns to Netflix with new episodes.

What are the topics for Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything Season 2?

Without any advance information, it's impossible to know what kinds of topics might spring out of a second season of "Connected." The theme of the series, after all, is about disparate ideas and objects all having connections to one another that may be strong, or fragile, or exciting — but are certainly there, even if they're not obvious at first. One might not think that the topic of "poop" might lend itself to such a theme, for example. Yet everyone does it, and the discharge of humans and animals turns out to link us all in a universal way.

Host Latif Nasser has said about his work (via IndieWire), "One of the things I said early on was I want to cover stuff that is, by and large, true. It's incontrovertibly true and it's stuff that you can take to the bank. I've done a lot of science reporting. So I know the tricks people use — for good or for bad — to make ambiguous science or very small findings look like they're bigger. I didn't want to do any of that. There's not as much tension or scientists throwing mud at each other, but that's not the thing that I wanted."

So, it's very possible that whatever the topics covered in a new season, they'll be somewhat surprising, and they'll teach us something about the world around us. One thing is for sure, though: There's plenty of material that the show could cover in future seasons.

What are the locations of Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything Season 2?

It's safe to say that part of the appeal of the science series comes from its globe-trotting ways, sending its host to far-flung places like London, Delaware, the Sahara Desert, Washington D.C., and Wales in its quest to tell fascinating tales about science and its relationship to humans. Of course, the locations are always topical — for example, the Sahara Desert was the site for part of the episode "Dust," which looks at a seemingly useless substance and the power it has when harnessed in bulk. Wales, seen in the episode "Clouds," was the site of more than 100 ships going down in a storm in the mid-19th century — a tragedy that resulted the creation of a telegraph-powered network that led to the first-ever weather forecasts.

So, any future episodes of "Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything" would probably end up being located somewhere related to the topic being focused upon. However, given the sometimes surprising nature of the connections being investigated, the settings might be hard to predict even once we know what the topics are. Fans will simply have to wait and see what happens should the show return to Netflix for Season 2.