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Plot Twists We Might See In The Force Awakens

Scruffy-looking nerf herders have been huddled around their computers for months, scouring every conceivable source for information about what's going to happen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But if the film does anything right, it'll throw every single one of those nerds for a loop. No amount of guessing or frame-by-frame analysis will completely prepare fans for what's about to happen to the Star Wars universe. It's all crazy conjecture—but with that in mind, let's go ahead and make some predictions of our own, anyway. Here are a few plot twists that may just happen in The Force Awakens.

Jedi Rey

The Force Awakens trailers have really pushed the idea that Finn will be the guy swinging the lightsaber, but it might just be Rey who eventually wields the weapon instead. While bad guy Kylo Ren can be seen facing down a clearly terrified Finn holding a lightsaber, the former Stormtrooper might just be the poor guy who happens to be holding the weapon at that moment. Trailer voiceovers between Rey and Maz Kanata, a space pirate who seems to know all about old Jedi ways, seem to imply that it's Rey who should open herself up to the Force...

Rey Skywalker, Or Rey Solo?

Rey has to be related to one of the heroes of Star Wars. There's no way around it...but who's the daddy? Whether her mom is Leia, or her dad is Luke, she's still part of the same powerful Force-strong lineage. While Han and Leia's relationship seems like it would more convenient for making babies than Luke's celibate self-exile, it would also make a whole lot of sense for the world's most-wanted Jedi Knight to send his kid away for their own protection. Like grandfather, like son, like daughter.

Finn Skywalker?

Forget about the obvious physical differences between Luke and Finn. Space is a weird place, and genetics are all over the map when you're making galactic babies. According to The Phantom Menace—which we have to accept as canon whether we like it or not—Anakin Skywalker never had a dad. Midi-chlorians just kinda popped Anakin into an available slave womb, so those Skywalker babies aren't restricted to any known genetics. Finn has parents somewhere, even if one of those parents is a cluster of magic bacteria. Could Finn be part Skywalker?

Kylo Solo

Another crazy plot twist that dwells just inside the realm of possibility is that Kylo Ren is actually a Solo-Skywalker baby. According to director J.J. Abrams, who offered up details to Entertainment Weekly, Kylo Ren's name isn't actually a birth name; while Kylo might be part of a real name, Ren denotes his membership in the Knights of Ren. So, maybe ol' Kylo just wants to continue the abandoned work of his dear ol' grandpa by destroying the last of the Jedi. Total bummer that no one but Uncle Luke really knows about Anakin's final moments. The whole death bed repentance thing could really put a cramp in Kylo's style.

Finn Is A Spy For The First Order

Finn may have been abandoned in the desert by his Stormtrooper pals, and his life may have lost all meaning, but we don't know what new meaning he's found as The Force Awakens progresses. He's trained his whole life to be a Stormtrooper, so would it be that easy to just shut off his allegiance to the Empire, or would he seek redemption in their eyes by helping to take down the Resistance from the inside? Finn could play the part of the confused, repentant ex-Empire goon, but why is he really involving himself in the Rebellion's affairs? Three words: spy stuff, maybe.

There Is Another (No, Another) Skywalker

Yoda was never really explicit when he told Luke that there was another Skywalker. One might think that he'd have just told Luke that the chick he's been hanging out with is his sister before things got too make-out-y, but Yoda is also a weird little green goofball. Padme's birthing scene in Revenge of the Sith is completely obscured by a weird robotic birthing skirt, so who knows what was going on behind that medically-mandatory birthing apparatus? Was there a third, even more secret Skywalker runt in that litter?

Luke Gives In To The Dark Side

Luke's absence from the Force Awakens has caused many to speculate about where the old Jedi Master actually is. Pair this absence with a whole lot of masked or unrevealed characters on the Dark Side and you have a recipe for a Jedi gone bad. Luke was last seen nearly giving in to the hate as he battled in the observation tower of the second Death Star—barely escaping with his life, and his faith in the Force, intact. After years of reflection, did Luke finally follow in the footsteps of his father? Could he be Kylo Ren or the mysterious Snoke?

Jar Jar Lives

The Gungan everyone loves to hate has never been given an official death scene, and no one really knows how long Gungans actually live. Because George Lucas has a twisted sense of humor, the dopes probably never die, stumbling and drooling for all eternity and ruining every sequel and spinoff ever made. If Jar Jar were to appear in the sequels, it would be a step towards legitimizing his appearance in the prequels...but it would still be a knife through the hearts of the faithful.

Trouble In Paradise

Everyone wants to see Han Solo and Leia Organa end up happy together and have lots of headstrong babies, but their fate is uncertain at the end of Return of the Jedi. A couple of kisses and someone being trapped in carbonite doesn't really make for a successful marriage. In a cruel world, Han and Leia just never connected when they weren't under constant blaster fire, and without space-Facebook, the two just drifted apart. Han's always got Chewy, and Leia probably has...lots of paperwork. It would be pretty twisty if they just didn't make it.

Luke Isn't The Last Jedi

The Force Awakens is doing everything it can to position Luke as the last Jedi in the universe, and a force that must be eradicated. Space Pirate Maz Kanata seems to know a lot about allowing the Force to flow through oneself, even if much of Jedi lore is treated as myth 30 years in the future. Interior photos of Kanata's bizarre castle make it seem like she's seen scum and villainy from every corner of the universe, so maybe she's also seen a few of these Jedi that she seems to know so much about. Luke's secret Jedi training camp is out there somewhere...