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What Is The Song In The 2021 Fitbit Sense Commercial?

Life, at times, can feel like a never-ending loop of routines and attempts at being your best possible self. It can be both exhausting and overwhelming, because of all the pressure you put on yourself. Sometimes, all you need to get you over that next obstacle is a good song. Fitbit knows this, as evidenced by its newest commercial for the Fitbit Sense.

This commercial takes the viewer into the life of a young woman who is doing everything she can to maximize her own productivity. She's truly living the postmodern condition — flitting from obligation to obligation, always one step behind the 8-ball. For the first half of the ad, she seems so stressed out that her hair should be turning gray. All the colleagues around her seem to be thriving under this pressure, while she stays up late at night wondering why she isn't as efficient as the rest of the world. As she figures out this missing piece, the song opens up into a catchy indie pop song that will have you tapping your foot before the commercial is over.

So what is this song in the 2021 Fitbit Sense commercial?

Brett knows how to get the body moving

The song is "Golden" by Brett, released in 2014 off the artist's debut self-titled album. The Los Angeles-based dream pop performer started recording music in 2013, and has released two more studio albums since his debut, with "THX" (2019) being the most recent.

Don't feel too bad if you've never heard of this song or artist before. Brett has been around for a few years, but has only acquired about 27,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His biggest song is "Lost City," one of the many singles from his smattering of singles and EPs. That song, released in 2016, has collected almost 3.5 million spins. The young artist spends his time on social media supporting and promoting those around him, including producers, writers, and fellow artists.

Although Fitbit may have been the first company to tap into this emerging talent, there's no doubt you'll be hearing more from Brett in the very near future.