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What Only Hardcore NCIS Fans Noticed About These Lines

"NCIS," the police procedural drama about the special agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, has aired over 400 episodes — with at least another season's worth set to air next. Created by Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill, "NCIS" first premiered in 2003 and is now on its 18th season, with a 19th already renewed (via Cinemablend).

Throughout the 18 years it has been on the air, "NCIS" has naturally accumulated a ton of fervent fans who love to discuss the show in depth. One of the places that these fan discussions take place is none other than Reddit, where the subreddit dedicated to all things "NCIS" has over 10,000 members. Fans discuss everything from speculations about which cast members might be departing to details they pick up during rewatches and so on.

Recently, one fan started noticing something interesting about some of the lines that only the most invested "NCIS" fans would notice.

Some of the lines give away continuity errors

With hundreds of episodes under their belt, the writers of "NCIS" sure have a ton to keep track of involving storylines and character details alike. It makes sense that a few minor details might slip their minds while writing new episodes, leading to continuity errors. Unlucky for the writers, some of the fans pay such close detail to the show that they notice these inconsistencies.

One of these fans is a Reddit user called u/luis-can-jump, who recently posted about some of the errors they've picked up. The user pointed out some examples, writing, "Palmer: 'my dad was not a good man' ; 3 seasons earlier: 'you see, my dad was an ophthalmologist who taught me about the eyeball' ... Ducky: 'last time I was this high, I was hanging a piñata at my nephew's birthday party' – 6 seasons later, he had one sibling who he hadn't seen since childhood, so how could he have a nephew?" The user ended the post with two other examples.

In the comments, some fans pointed out other inconsistencies. Others talked about the humor these lines bring even if they are inconsistent with the plot. One user, u/gp-mr speculated as to why these small detail errors arise, writing, "I think that the writers do more focus on the future and not what was in the past e.g. with Ducky I don't think they planned 6 seasons ahead and just decided then that it wasn't that important, I guess." The original poster agreed, hypothesizing that the writers put all their focus on the current episode being written.

Despite these small errors, it's clear that the fans who spot them are huge admirers of the show.