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Exclusive Clip: Go Behind The Scenes Of Guy Ritchie's New Movie Wrath Of Man

Acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie, best known for his work on gritty British gangster movies that take you to the edge of your seat, is gearing up to release his newest film, the action thriller "Wrath of Man," in U.S. theaters. Ahead of the flick's stateside launch on Friday, May 7, Looper is excited to share an exclusive clip that takes you behind the scenes of "Wrath of Man" and into conversations with its stars. 

Based on the French film "Le Convoyeur," otherwise known as "Cash Truck," from co-writer and director Nicolas Boukhrief, "Wrath of Man" follows the enigmatic Patrick "H" Hill (Jason Statham), who has taken a new job as a security guard monitoring a truck transporting millions of dollars of cash across Los Angeles. When would-be thieves attempt a heist on the cash truck, H reveals that there's much more to him than meets the eye, flooring his fellow guards when he takes down the robbers all on his own. It's ultimately revealed that H is on a white-knuckled mission to locate the people who killed his son, and will stop at nothing until he gets justice and his child's murderers get their just desserts. 

The exclusive clip offers plenty of glimpses at the production process of "Wrath of Man," which is packed from edge to edge with heart-pumping action sequences, but what's even more interesting is the cast's commentary on what it was like working with Guy Ritchie as their director.

What it's really like working with Guy Ritchie

From the perspective of Scott Eastwood, who plays Jan in "Wrath of Man," working on a Guy Ritchie film is a wholly unique experience that he feels lucky to have had. "The interesting thing about a Guy Ritchie film is he loves to explore these criminal underworlds, but all the characters have their own flaws, their own issues, they're all going through something," he says in the clip. 

Josh Hartnett, who portrays Boy Sweat Dave in the movie, admires Ritchie for his unparalleled work ethic and creativity: "Guy works like no one I've ever worked with before. He's constantly coming up with ideas. He's very much in tune with what he wants to do." As for Niamh Algar, who brings Dana Curtis to life in "Wrath of Man," she appreciates the fact that Ritchie "doesn't hold actors back," and allows them to "play around" without sacrificing his vision, which is certainly no easy feat. Like Eddie Marsan, who plays Terry, says in the clip, Ritchie "knows exactly what he wants [and] knows exactly how to do it."

Jeffrey Donovan, the actor who plays Jackson in the movie, is quick to confess that the whole thing felt like a dream come true, while Eastwood proclaims that working with Ritchie is "the highlight of [his] career."

Also featuring Holt McCallany as Bullet, Laz Alonso as Carlos, Andy Garcia as the King, Rob Delaney as Boss Blake Halls, Post Malone as Robber No. 6, and many more, "Wrath of Man" will open in U.S. theaters tomorrow — Friday, May 7.