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The Letdown Season 3 - Will It Ever Happen?

The relationship between a mother and child is a theme that's nearly as perpetually and universally relevant as death or growing up. While "The Sopranos," for example, is remembered by many as a show about a violent mobster in New Jersey, series lead Tony Soprano's relationship with his mother is paramount to essentially all of his personal struggles over the course of the series. This recurring pop culture fixation on mothers or mother figures is, naturally, rooted in reality. Murderer Ed Gein was famously fixated on his mother, to the extent that their relationship served as a source of inspiration for his notorious crime spree.

Motherhood is the subject, as well, of Australian comedy series "The Letdown" a — thankfully murderer-less — program which aired in Australia on ABC TV, and internationally through co-producer Netflix. Whereas series like "The Sopranos" focus on the relationship of their protagonist with their mother, though, "The Letdown" centers a new mother's perspective. 

Thus far, two seasons of "The Letdown" are available domestically through Netflix. Here's everything we know so far about a third season.

Why isn't The Letdown Season 3 happening yet?

Between its first and second seasons, only thirteen episodes have been released to date of "The Letdown," equivalent to roughly a single season of a standard American TV series. Unfortunately for fans of the show so far, the producers have yet to announce a third season of "The Letdown."

Further complicating the prospect of the series' return, a new episode hasn't been released since July 2019. The gap between Season 1 and Season 2, meanwhile, was over a year in length. At the very least, then, this indicates that the prospect of "The Letdown" Season 3 may be more complicated than simply renewing the series on the creative strength of its second season, given the four-year lack of updates.

That said, series co-creator and lead actor Alison Bell told E! Online that not only was the series a success internationally, thanks to its availability on Netflix, but that it became popular enough in the U.S. for her to justify moving to Los Angeles. Due to the series' apparent popularity, then, some hope for its continuation may be warranted. Given the relative radio silence up until this point, however, a third season is unlikely to premiere until the mid-2020s at the earliest.

What could be explored in The Letdown Season 3?

"The Letdown" Season 1 revolves around Audrey's struggles as a brand new mother. Season 2 begins after a jump forward in time, by which point her son Stevie is a toddler. The Season 2 finale then jumps an additional 18 months forward in time. If Season 3 starts at the same point in time as the Season 2 finale, then, Stevie should be somewhere in the vicinity of three years-old. That said, given how much time has passed, another time jump isn't out of the question.

One recurring struggle over the course of the first two seasons of "The Letdown" is the relationship between Audrey and her husband Jeremy. Through most of Season 2 Jeremy is an absentee father, working in Adelaide, away from his family in Sidney. By the season's end, however, Jeremy has quit his job in Adelaide, so his presence — or the possibility of his continued lack thereof — is likely to remain key to the plot of a potential third season of the show.

Perhaps most importantly, the final moments of Season 2 reveal that Audrey is pregnant. Should "The Letdown" be renewed, then, new struggles unique to raising two young children, rather than just one, are likely to factor heavily into Season 3.

Who would star in The Letdown Season 3?

In the lead role of "The Letdown" is show creator Alison Bell, as new mother Audrey. While "The Letdown" is arguably her highest-profile role to date, Bell may be recognizable from a number of prior TV appearances: she starred, for example, in the Australian comedy "Laid," and appeared in the eighth episode of the third season of HBO's "The Leftovers."

Duncan Fellows is the only other performer credited in every episode of "The Letdown," as Audrey's husband, Jeremy. Fellows' filmography is predominately comprised of Australian short film and TV work, including political thriller TV series "Secret City," and even an appearance in the Alison Bell-starring "Laid."

Rounding out the cast are Sacha Horler as another new mom, Ester, Leon Ford as her husband Ruben, Lucy Durack as future mother Sophie, Celeste Barber as experienced mother Barbara, Leah Vandenberg as queer new mother Martha, Xana Tang as young mother Georgia, and Noni Hazlehurst as parenting group leader Ambrose.

If "The Letdown" is indeed ever renewed for a third season, Bell and Fellows are all but guaranteed to return, given that the series revolves around the two of them. The return of them and the rest of the central cast, though, cannot be confirmed until a third season is officially revealed to be in the works.