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Is Freddy Rodriguez Actually Leaving Bull?

"Bull" has been keeping viewers invested in its legal drama plotlines since it premiered in 2016 on CBS. It's currently in the midst of its fifth season and has also been renewed for a sixth and will return later this year (via TV Series Finale). The show centers on Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly), a psychologist and expert in court trial science. Bull heads a jury consulting agency called Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC), where he and his team aid in the selection of jurors for trials, as well as consulting with lawyers on which arguments will connect with jurors the most effectively.

Besides Dr. Bull, the most prominent character would likely be Benjamin "Benny" Colón, played by Freddy Rodriguez. Benny is a former prosecutor who now works at TAC in an in-house counsel role, and he's also Bull's former brother-in-law. Benny plays a pivotal role both at the company and in the realm of the series, so many fans likely can't imagine "Bull" going into its sixth season without him. However, there has been talk recently that Rodriguez might be exiting the series. Here's what we know about the situation.

A Season 5 storyline has hinted at Benny's exit

In the second episode of Season 5, titled "The Great Divide," Benny suddenly finds himself facing a major decision — he is approached with the proposition of running for district attorney of New York. While this is an exciting career prospect, if Benny decides to go through with it, then it'll raise the question of how involved the character will be in the show moving forward. After all, the show's entire focus is on TAC and its employees, and if Benny is no longer an employee, then it seems unlikely he'll be given as much screen time.

In the subsequent episodes so far, Benny has mulled over the offer, trying to come to a decision, and in the seventh episode, a major newspaper tells Benny they would endorse his campaign if he decides to run. Benny hasn't made a decision as of yet, but we'll likely find out by the end of the season; the finale is set to air on May 17, 2021.

Notably, Rodriguez posted on Instagram about the Season 6 renewal, writing, "Thrilled to announce that we will be returning for a season 6. Thank you for watching everyone." The "we" would seem to imply he'll be returning, but, of course, you never know — we'll just have to keep watching to find out for sure.