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The Forgotten Animated Comedy Horror You Can Stream On Hulu

Hulu has a lot of undiscovered treasures hidden in its nooks and crannies. If you've always wanted to explore a few shows you missed during their initial network runs, it's a great place to go exploring.

One particular show you can find on Hulu is a horror comedy that had a pretty long broadcast history — three seasons and a special finale — on its home network, and it earned a fairly sizable cult following during its run. Its unusual premise definitely manages to stand out, even among the wild and offbeat programs that its unconventional home network has aired over its history. 

Now you can watch the whole show on Hulu, in quick bites that make the show become an addictive and, dare we say, cultworthy binge. If you enjoy "Metalocalypse" or just plain have a fondness for the strange, it will be a wild ride either way.

Catch up with the animated horror-comedy Mr. Pickles on Hulu

"Mr. Pickles" aired on Adult Swim's high-ranking Sunday night line-up from 2013 to 2019. Featuring the vocal talents of Brooke Shields and Jay Johnston, the sitcom centers around the wholesome and god-fearing Goodmans — Mr. and Mrs. Goodman (Jay Johnston and Brooke Shields) and their none-too-bright young son, Tommy (Kaitlyn Robrock) — who live in Old Town and lead what seem to be ordinary lives. Only their dog, a border collie named Mr. Pickles (Dave Stewart), is a blood-thirsty and satanic possessor of dark magic who spends his days spreading secret mayhem throughout the world. Only Tommy's grandfather (Frank Collison) knows what's happening, but he cannot prove that the dog is a murder. Think of it as "Lassie" on acid.

"Mr. Pickles" was produced in 15-minute episodes — much like other Adult Swim hits such as "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" or "Sealab 2021" — and thus the show's three-season run isn't as difficult or intimidating to binge as you might think it is.