The Best Time Spencer Reid Ever Broke Character On Criminal Minds

"Criminal Minds" is far from the most lighthearted of shows, with each episode offering up a gruesome series of murders — some so bad that fans won't even re-watch them. Even so, the cast can't help but have a little fun on set, through pranks or simply being silly. The blooper reels offer a peek into this side of the story, revealing some great moments from the cast members.

Among the group, Spencer Reid is particularly well loved by "Criminal Minds" fans: He's cute and nerdy and absolutely woobified by the writers. Plus, fans can't get enough of him being fiercely protective of his team. Of course, it's actor Matthew Gray Gubler who makes him such a favorite, and that energy only comes out more in the bloopers.

One of the common ways Gubler breaks character is simply by fumbling over his lines: Spencer has very wordy dialogue, heavy on the scientific terms, that he has to say incredibly fast, so when Gubler begins to stumble over his words, he makes an amusing sound reminiscent of a VHS tape rewinding. Those moments in the blooper reels are entertaining, but there's one gag that breaks through as the most memorable.

Props to the Criminal Minds cast for this prank

Fans may remember in Season 3, during the episode "Limelight," the BAU team are looking for a serial killer based on creepy photographs and writings found in a storage unit. Without a body or known victims, they're struggling to track him down. In a brainstorming effort, Spencer, Morgan (Shemar Moore), and Emily (Paget Brewster) study a map of the area in a diner together. It's a fairly inconsequential scene in the grand scheme of "Criminal Minds," but an alternate, hilarious version of it exists on the blooper reel.

In this other version, Spencer pulls out a humongous map that completely fills up their table and spills over the side. Still, the three of them remain in character, saying almost the same lines as the real scene. For a moment, it feels like this could have easily been in the episode, but they swapped out the map prop for one more manageable. Then, Spencer asks for a pen and the waitress hands him an enormous, unwieldy fountain pen that's at least three feet long. Still, they don't break character as he uses it to point to locations on the map.

After asking for a marker instead, Gubler finally breaks out of Spencer and laughs with the rest of the cast and crew joining in. While they clearly set this up as a purposeful joke, it's one of the funniest "Criminal Minds" blooper reels, and definitely the best time Spencer broke character. Add that to the many lovable Spencer Reid moments.