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The Papal Item That Rick Did Not Want On Pawn Stars

The price negotiations are some of the most exciting moments on "Pawn Stars". While the items in question are often interesting by themselves, the actual story of every episode revolves around whether or not Rick Harrison or his crew are going to dish out the dough for a given item. The history and importance of an item only adds to the overall stakes, as the buyer and seller negotiate back and forth.

Because all of the series' suspense is derived from this buyer/seller relationship, it's rare to see a time that Rick isn't trying to make a deal. However, there are a variety of reasons that he might actually pass on an item, even if it's incredibly unique and sitting right in front of him. Whether it would be dangerous to own or the "Pawn Stars" cast would lose money on it, Rick isn't afraid to say no. In one case, he turned down some potentially priceless religious artifacts.

Why Rick walked away from the Pope's shoes

In the "Pawn Stars" Season 7 episode "Sweet Pawn of Mine," Rick comes face-to-foot with an important set of religious items: a pair of slippers and a cap made for Pope Leo XIII. At least, that is what the seller claims they are. Of course, Rick isn't going to take any chances, so he calls down one of his experts to verify the items. When Rick's expert arrives, he quickly confirms that the slippers and cap have all of the trademark features of papal attire during Pope Leo XIII's reign (1878-1903). Both are handmade and use all the correct materials. Even the tattered silk on the cap aligns with what would be used for the time. However, he can't confirm that either the shoes or the cap were actually used by the pope himself (though he suspects that they were). As a result, he can't give Rick a confident estimate on the price of said items.

When something like this happens, Rick is quick to avoid taking any chances. Without a confident price or confirmation that these slippers belonged to Pope Leo XII, Rick refuses to make a deal with the seller. It's one of the only times Rick has ever turned away an item despite being quite enthusiastic about it.