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The 100-Year-Old Revolver That Rick Refused To Buy On Pawn Stars

"Pawn Stars" personality Rick Harrison will buy just about anything he is interested in at his Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. The only times he doesn't bite on a bargain are when he feels like he won't make any money from it. However, there are situations when Rick has to turn away someone, and it's not for profit reasons but for a legal one.

Rick has to do just that in Season 6 when someone brings in a 100-year-old revolver, mainly because of something that happened to his dad, the Old Man, decades ago. It's really unfortunate for Rick because he is very interested in this gun. Since the pawn shop has to follow certain rules related to buying weapons, Rick just can't take the risk of the deal, and the owner has to walk out with the revolver.

Check out the reason why Rick refused to buy a 100-year-old revolver on "Pawn Stars."

Pawn Stars can't buy modern guns without a license

In Season 6, Episode 12, "Like a Rock," a man named Sean brings in his 1871 Smith & Wesson Top-Break revolver hoping to make at least $900 off it. Well, he believes it's from 1871. The problem Rick Harrison has with this item is that neither he nor the owner knows when the revolver was manufactured. Although it's appealing to collectors, Rick must verify this information first. That's because he doesn't own a Federal Firearms License, which allows the purchase of weapons that have been manufactured since 1898. In other words, Rick can only purchase antique weapons.

According to Rick Harrison's book, "License to Pawn," the Old Man stole a car in his youth, making him ineligible to receive a Federal Firearms License. Even if the weapon was made a couple of hours into 1899, it would be illegal for Rick to purchase it. To learn more about this revolver, Rick calls in Jemison Beshears, an antique arms expert. 

Unfortunately, Sean believed it was from 1871 because it was reissued that year. Jemison analyzes the serial number on the gun and concludes that it was made in 1901, making it a modern gun. Before leaving, the expert values the gun around $50-$150. Rick and the owner don't even begin to negotiate because there is no point for Rick. In the end, Sean leaves "Pawn Stars" shop still holding the revolver he hoped to sell for hundreds of dollars.