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Monster Musume Season 2 - What We Know So Far

In the harem fantasy anime series "Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls," ("Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou"), poor young Kimihito Kurusu is beset by mythical female creatures called liminals as part of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act. Although he never volunteered to be part of the program, he doesn't have the heart to turn the first mistaken delivery away, of the lamia called Miia, away. So, as time goes on, he shelters other liminals of other species, including a harpy, a mermaid, and a centaur. Of course, he has to follow certain rules, outlined by his interspecies exchange coordinator, Kuroko Smith, in the first episode — no hurting his female guest, which includes infringing upon her "purity." If he does, he could be arrested and she would get deported. "The girls are rather passionate," Ms. Smith says, in the understatement of the year.

In a slightly absurd twist, our hero is told in the third episode that new rules make him a test case, and he's expected to marry one of his female charges. That means there's a lot of competition for his attention, and it only gets worse over time. The series, naturally based on a manga of the same name, originally ran over 12 episodes in Japan in 2015, with two OVAs appearing in 2016 and 2017. It's not unusual for there to be long delays between anime seasons, but it can be anxiety-inducing for fans. Here's what we know about a second season for "Monster Musume."

When is the release date for Monster Musume Season 2?

Speculation about a coming second season for "Monster Musume" started all the way back in 2015, thanks to a tiny little message in the final episode. The words "Niki Kettei" appear about 16 minutes into Episode 12, "Everyday Life with Monster Girls," as Crunchyroll reported, during a scene in which the characters have completed a shopping trip. The words can be translated into "phase 2 decision," which had many fans believing that a second season was coming. 

However, despite many rumors and confirmations in the years since then, conflicting information dominates when it comes to whether or not the series has been renewed. Publications have reported in the past that the series is coming back, with no sources to back it up. More recently, TechRadar247 reported late in 2020 that there was no official word about a renewal, but ASAPLand said in February 2021 that a renewal had been made. Then, Inspired Traveler pointed out a month later that the show's fate was still up in the air. 

Sites like Awesome One are predicting a return in mid-2021 and Inspired Traveler says 2022, but without solid information about a renewal, it's impossible to know if that is going to happen or if the show's return might have been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, most publications seem optimistic about a return, so until fans hear otherwise, signs point to the fact that there will be a Season 2, and it should hopefully be on the way soon. 

Who is in the cast of Monster Musume Season 2?

The Season 1 cast of "Monster Musume" includes experienced voiceover actors such as Junji Majima as main character Kimihoto, Sora Amamiya as Miia, Ari Ozawa as Papi, Natsuki Aikawa as Centorea, and Yû Kobayashi as Ms. Smith. There's also an English dub of the series, which stars Bryson Baugus as Kimihito, Allison Sumrall as Miia, Molly Searcy as Cerea, Brittney Karbowski as Papi, and Shelley Calene-Black as Ms. Smith.

It is unknown whether or not all these actors would be able or willing to return for a second season of the show, although it isn't unusual for anime series to have long hiatuses in between seasons. However, the longer it takes for a show to return, the more changes are likely to occur. It's hard to say what the effects might be of having almost six years (!!) pass since the end of the first season and the start of the second, even with some OVA in between.

What would the plot be in Monster Musume Season 2?

The manga on which "Monster Musume" is based continues to be published despite several hiatuses in the past few years. These hiatuses were done in order to prepare for a compilation and so that the series' creator, Okayado, could take a mental health break (via Anime News Network). There are 16 volumes currently available. The anime itself only covered 25 or so chapters, comprising a couple of volumes, as it chose to focus more on characterization than plot progression. This means there's plenty of material for a Season 2 and even beyond.

In Season 2, the battle between liminals to be able to marry Kimihito promises to heat up. Additionally, more monster girls from different places are expected to show up and possibly compete for the protagonist's affections. Later chapters of Monster Musume have Kimihito working at a farm and more bodily functions such as milking and spore-releasing come up, always with the specter of human-monster diplomatic relations in the background, so the show is sure to continue its unique brand of sexuality for some time to come — that is, if it comes back.