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Crimes Of The Future - What We Know So Far

When it comes to making thought-provoking science-fiction movies, few filmmakers are as acclaimed as David Cronenberg. The Canadian-born writer/director got his start in filmmaking in the late '60s after graduating from the University of Toronto (via Encyclopedia Britannica). Since then, he's become famous for making some of the most odd (and potentially horrific) films around, often delving into concepts such as body horror. He's known for movies such as 1986's "The Fly," "Eastern Promises," and "A History of Violence."

Now, Cronenberg is back with another interesting take on the sci-fi genre. His upcoming film, "Crimes of the Future," is slated to tackle concepts such as transhumanism, politics, and more. But what else can we expect from a film made by one of history's most unique filmmakers? How strange can it get, and who can we expect to see in this upcoming avant-garde work? Well, here's what we know so far.

What's the release date for Crimes of the Future?

At this point in time, no official release date has been given for this upcoming Cronenberg feature. However, "Crimes of the Future" might not be as far away as one expects. According to a now-deleted article by Screen Daily, filming for the show is set to begin in August of this year and last until September (via Indie Wire). This means that moviegoers can expect to see "Crimes of the Future" as soon as 2022, assuming that the stars align in the best way possible.

Unfortunately, the lack of any official information regarding a release date makes this prediction tentative at best. Film production is often a messy business, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic doesn't make it any easier for filmmakers to get their job done. So until Cronenberg or Neon (the movie's backers) release any new information, the release date of "Crimes of the Future" is woefully up in the air.

Who will be in Crimes of the Future's cast?

Fans who enjoyed other David Cronenberg films like "Eastern Promises" and "A History of Violence" will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Viggo Mortensen will once again be taking a starring role in "Crimes of the Future." According to Deadline, the "Lord of the Rings" star will be joined by the likes of "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart and French actress Léa Seydoux. So far, it seems like "Crimes of the Future" is primed to enthrall fans with some top-notch talent.

However, that isn't all of the film's cast. Joining the main three cast members in supporting roles will be Scott Speedman of "Underworld" fame and Portuguese-Guinean actor Welket Bungué. Furthermore, Canadian actor/filmmaker Don McKellar and "Losing Alice" star Lihi Kornowski will also appear in the film. As one might expect from a filmmaker of Cronenberg's eclectic tastes, his cast is about as mixed of a bag as you can get. We're excited to see how this unique combination of talent pans out when "Crimes of the Future" comes out.

What is Crimes of the Future's plot?

Hardcore Cronenberg-heads might be confused by this article. Didn't "Crimes of the Future" already come out around 50 years ago? Well, that confusion is warranted because there is another Cronenberg-directed film with the exact same title that was released back then (via the International New York Times).

But while that film (screenshot pictured above) depicted a dystopian future rife with plague, pedophilia, and body horror after an epidemic wipes out most of the Earth's female population, this new "Crimes of the Future" will tell a different story about a transhumanist society as more of Earth's population is affected by "Accelerated Evolution Syndrome." The film will focus on performance artist Saul Tenser, whose AES symptoms allow him to continually grow new organs within his body.

According to Deadline, "Tenser has turned the removal of these organs into a spectacle for his loyal followers to marvel at in real-time theatre. But with both the government and a strange subculture taking note, Tenser is forced to consider what would be his most shocking performance of all."

As Cronenberg fans should expect, "Crimes of the Future" refuses to shy away from topics that make most people uncomfortable at best. With this potentially sickening concept at its core, "Crimes of the Future" might not be for everyone but is sure to be thought-provoking for those who dare to watch it.