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Jurassic Park Almost Had A Different Ending

In certain circles, it's blasphemous to imagine Jurassic Park with a different ending. But that was apparently a possibility early on in the process.

According to storyboards (below) from the movie's "dinosaur supervisor" Phil Tippett (via Jurassic Time), Steven Spielberg and the folks behind the scenes considered an alternate ending to the one that wound up in the final film.

Instead of the intense raptor chase in the Visitor's Center, the finale would've featured a thrilling helicopter rescue. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Lex (Ariana Richards), and Tim (Joseph Mazzello) would've jumped into a jeep and made a frantic escape to a helicopter pad with the T-Rex chasing close behind. (If that sounds familiar, that element was worked into a separate part of the script with different characters.)

According to the storyboards, the trio would've made it into a waiting helicopter that would begin to take off, only to have the T-Rex lock her jaws on one of the chopper's runners. But the helicopter would eventually break free, and the survivors would fly to safety.

Take a look at the alternate ending below. Although it would've made for a thrilling conclusion, we're pretty sure the filmmakers made the right decision. Meanwhile, check out dumb things in Jurassic Park that everyone just ignores [via Grunge].