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The Pokemon Fan Theory That Makes Trainer Battles Even More Alarming

The more you think about "Pokemon," the creepier the series can seem. The mainstream "Pokemon" franchise has always included trainer battles that can interrupt your journey in various places around the region you're exploring. Whether you've just run into a new grassy area or you're desperately trying to get to the next Pokemon Center you can find, there are always trainers who are more than ready to take you on.

These ruthless battles can sometimes earn you some cash — or cause tears as you send out your only last available Pokemon for a quick defeat. And while some of these battles are products of your relentless rival (or a nosey friend, depending on the game), the results and the potential feelings of despair are largely the same. 

However, no one really knows why trainers are constantly out and about, forcing players to battle (aside from the fact that the game wants you to grind and level up). Multiple theories surrounding these trainers have popped up in the "Pokemon" subreddit. One theory in particular has jumped out, and it's actually what spurred some other users to share their own takes on the phenomenon.

Trainers in the wild are really just trying to rob you

Reddit user ThemightyTho thinks that "all 'Pokemon' battles are attempted robberies." Their reasoning? Players can't escape after they're ambushed — i.e. making eye contact — and there's money on the line.

User Prof_Reithe isn't completely on board with this theory and always assumed that the money aspect was "a sort of betting arrangement established by law." This would effectively stop people who aren't serious from challenging others for no reason, preventing 24/7 battles form disrupting everyone's day.

The two ideas actually serve to help each other out. Strong trainers who might lack a bit in morals (and have plenty of powerful Pokemon) can ambush other trainers and force them to battle as a way of making money. Who knew the "Pokemon" universe had such a "vicious economy," as one user put it? 

Regardless of the true motivations for these trainers, this fan theory might make you think twice about what's actually happening the next time you're forced into a Pokemon battle.