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The Stranger Things Scene That People Think Went Too Far

Over the course of its three seasons, "Stranger Things" has remained generally popular with its massive fanbase. The show's first season transformed it into a phenomenon, and subsequent seasons only further contributed to its overall popularity as one of Netflix's flagship series. 

Although the show is generally popular, there are some moments when even its biggest fans think it overreached or got confusing. Sometimes, those moments are small instances that feel out of whack with the overall arc of the character as we've come to know them. Other times, there are frustrating plot developments that seem to delay an inevitable revelation that the show has been teasing for episodes. 

The biggest betrayal, though, at least from a fan perspective, came in the show's second season. Although the second season was generally less beloved than either the first or the third (via Rotten Tomatoes), there was one episode in particular that came to be reviled by critics and fans alike, as noted by publications such as Vulture. The season, which largely separated Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) from the friends she'd made in the first season, featured a standalone episode focused on her called "Lost Sister." Unfortunately, that episode wasn't as successful as the show's creators might have hoped. 

Lost Sister features a wildly out-of-character moment from Eleven

Eleven spends "Lost Sister" tracking down the other children that are like her and were experimented on by the government. She eventually finds her "sister," and she also goes on a revenge-fueled mission to kill many of the scientists who experimented on her. Although the episode could have had long-term ramifications for Eleven, it ultimately goes nowhere. She returns to her life in Hawkins, apparently having decided that her life of revenge wasn't actually worth it. Her choice to kill several people doesn't seem to have any effect on her, and she goes back to living a totally normal life. 

What's more, the Eleven we'd come to know over the course of the first two seasons could get angry, especially about what happened to her. However, she wasn't the kind of person who just randomly kills people. She's generally a good person, but now, every time fans see her, they have to reconcile what they know about her with the fact that she participated in a massacre. It's a scene that crossed the line, and it's one that the makers of "Stranger Things" worked hard to erase from viewers' minds as soon as the third season rolled around.