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The Roy Theory That Changes Everything On The Office

Suffice to say that "The Office" has stood the test of time and has remained popular even after the finale aired back in 2013. Now with the right streaming subscription, you can watch the sitcom as much as you want. The thing about watching any show within a short span of time as opposed to over the course of several years is that you notice things that may have slipped your mind initially. One thing that's awfully strange about the show is just how much infidelity was going on around Dunder Mifflin. 

Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) and Stanley (Leslie David Baker) both fessed up to cheating at various points in the show. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) has no problem sleeping with a married woman during Season 6. Then you have Pam (Jenna Fischer), who was originally with Roy (David Denman) in the earlier seasons but clearly had an emotional affair with Jim (John Krasinski) throughout much of that. It seems as though there's just something about working with all of that paper that gets the hormones moving. 

Roy was by no means the perfect boyfriend or fiance, but at least he never cheated on Pam... as far as we know. However, Redditor flaming_muffins has now offered up some pretty compelling evidence that Roy cheated on Pam with Angela (Angela Kinsey). 

Several clues point to Roy and Angela having a thing together

Angela never had a problem with infidelity seeing as how she had a physical affair with Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) while she was engaged to Andy (Ed Helms), but is it possible she'd also sleep with Pam's fiance? Throughout the series, there definitely does seem to be something between them as evidenced in season 2's "The Fire" when Roy outright says he would have sex with Angela. It's an uncomfortable moment considering Pam is right there, and Angela seems a little perturbed that he doesn't even know her name, but it doesn't stop there. 

As "Office" fan flaming_muffins points out, during season 2, "Michael is opening the casino as Lady Fortune and he says 'Old friends! New lovers!' and then there's a shot of Roy and Angela sharing glances at each other (sort of the 'let's hook up' kind of glance)." After some ups and downs, Pam and Roy try to make another go of it, which all comes to a head in season 3's "Cocktails." This is the episode where Pam reveals that she kissed Jim shortly before their wedding was supposed to take place, but before that happens, she mentions how they can't keep more secrets from each other, causing Roy to spout, "I didn't do anything. Ask anybody. I totally could've, and I didn't at all." That really does sound like a line from someone who did, in fact, do something. Was it with Angela?

Angela also has a part to play in this, and in a webisode for "The Office" centering on the accountants, Angela practically admits to a crush on Roy. While it's definitely not canon, this revelation would make for an interesting plot point if "The Office" reunion ever gets off the ground.