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Rumor Report: There Might Be Some Very Exciting News For Godzilla Vs. Kong Fans

We had seen Godzilla spew his atomic breath into the faces of monsters. We watched Kong overcome nightmarish creatures sprouting from the darkest depths of his home island. It was only a matter of time until these two titans faced off, and the world rejoiced when "Godzilla vs. Kong" dropped on HBO Max and in theaters in March 2021. Not only did it give fans of the MonsterVerse plenty of fist-pumping action, including a surprise third-act appearance from Mechagodzilla, but it likely made executives at Warner Bros. very happy considering it soared to the top of the box office like Mothra, becoming the highest-grossing film of the pandemic thus far. 

Seeing as how the MonsterVerse is more popular than ever before, it's safe to say there are plenty more movies to come featuring Godzilla, King Kong, and the cavalcade of monsters who have popped up in Toho's Godzilla films in the past. There are a lot of directions the studio can move in going forward, but as of this writing, nothing is set in stone at the moment. That's what makes the latest rumor so exciting in regards to which MonsterVerse director could come back to ensure the franchise stays in good hands. 

A report mentions how Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard is in talks to come back to the series

Nothing has been announced so far as to what the next film in the MonsterVerse will be, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Wingard, who helmed "Godzilla vs. Kong," is presently in negotiations to rejoin the kaiju sandbox. It's important to note that being "in talks" is not an official confirmation, and there is any number of scenarios that could play out that would prevent Wingard from returning. Even so, just the prospect that Warner Bros. wants to bring back such a talented director is reason enough to excite fans.

The news comes as somewhat of a surprise seeing as how much Wingard has on his plate at the moment. He's set to co-write and direct the upcoming "Face/Off" sequel, and he'll also be the director of the future reimagining of "Thundercats," the latter of which also falls within the Warner Bros. umbrella. That's a lot of high-profile projects to be part of all at once, and throwing in another movie focused on giant monster battles could definitely stretch Wingard thin. It's always possible he won't necessarily direct the next MonsterVerse film but another one down the line. One would assume Warner Bros. would be willing to work with him a little bit to take care of both projects, but it remains to be seen what the plan is. 

What's even more exciting (but still just a rumor) is The Hollywood Reporter mentioning how there's already a title for the next MonsterVerse film to come out of the pipeline — "Son of Kong." Sign us up.