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The Supernatural Fighting Anime That Everyone's Binging On Netflix

To people who don't watch a lot of anime, most of the genre might seem a little out-there. Even popular shows like "Naruto" and "Dragon Ball" play by rules a bit different than most forms of Western media. However, even among anime fans, few popular shows are quite so weird, so strange, and so out-of-the-ordinary as "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure." 

One of Japan's longest-running and most influential manga and anime, the series has established a reputation worthy of its name. All of this peculiarity can be traced back to the manga's author, Hirohiko Araki. As one of Japan's most enigmatic mangaka, Araki has never shied away from injecting his work with his incredibly diverse interests, unique and ever-flamboyant art style (that's heavily influenced by fashion), and boundless creativity. The end result is a series that dares to defy traditional story structure, subject matter, and aesthetic in lieu of something truly special.

And while oftentimes art that prefers to defy traditional practices ends up being niche, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" has become one of the most adored anime in the world. At the moment, the show ranks 67th on My Anime List's top anime series. It's no wonder, then, why people are binging the series now that it's available on Netflix.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the perfect kind of weird

One of the most unique qualities of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" is how it organizes its stories. While it isn't abnormal for an anime to be divided into distinct story arcs, "JJBA" goes a step further by dividing itself into complete parts. Each part follows a new protagonist in a new time and place setting, with new supporting characters and (usually) their own special abilities. Some parts don't even take place in the same universe as others, yet they are all united in that their protagonists bear the nickname "JoJo" (or "GioGio," in the case of Giorno Giovanna) and have some connection to the Joestar family bloodline.

Aside from its unique structure, the show sets itself apart through its battle sequences. To make each fight interesting, Hirohiko Araki continually evolves the methods characters use to fight. "JoJo" characters started out using a versatile mystic art known as Hamon to battle vampiric threats. However, starting in Part 3, "Stardust Crusaders," Araki created "Stands," spiritual summons that each have distinctive abilities according to their users. A Stand can take almost any form and do almost anything depending on the user, making every fight different and always captivating.

If you're in the mood for exhilarating battles with a mix of whacky surrealism, the "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" anime has already finished adapting up to Part 5 of the manga. Unfortunately, Netflix only has Parts 1-3 available to stream, meaning viewers must turn to other services to see Part 4, "Diamond is Unbreakable," and Part 5, "Golden Wind." However, the adaptation for Part 6, "Stone Ocean," is well on the way, making this an exciting new time to begin watching "JoJo."