The Worst Thing Rick Ever Did To Jaguar On Rick And Morty

Rick Sanchez of "Rick and Morty" has done a lot of terrible things over the years. He gave Morty a potion that would make anyone exposed to it instantly fall in love with him, leading to a world filled with horribly mutated monsters. He created an entire universe of sentient beings to produce electricity to power his hovercraft, and his actions resulted in a bunch of superheroes dying at the hands of a bunch of traps straight out of a "Saw" movie. Sure, he has some fun catchphrases and zingers for days, but when you get right down to it, Rick is a jerk.

Anyone who gets in contact with him, no matter how briefly it appears to be, ends up seriously scarred in one way or another. This can be attributed to the fact that Rick ultimately doesn't care about anyone other than himself. He may have moments where he shows genuine affection for Morty and the rest of the Smiths, but you have to remember the universe he's currently residing in isn't even his original reality. He's more than happy to hop across the multiverse if it means he can get himself out of a jam. And this blatant disregard for other people's happiness resulted in him doing something downright heinous toward his one-time ally Jaguar

Rick's lie to Jaguar ends up with serious consequences

Season 3's "Pickle Rick" lives on in internet infamy with plenty of classic bits that are too outrageous to recall here. As such, it's easy to overlook a critical moment that comes after Rick and Jaguar escape the compound they've been held prisoners at. Rick references the fact he has infinite daughters due to him having access to the multiverse, causing Jaguar to ask whether he too has infinite daughters since the one in this reality is dead. Rick, undoubtedly wanting to just end the conversation, says that he does, likely due to him not wanting to do his new ally a favor. 

It's a pretty messed-up move on Rick's part on its own, but if you read the "Rick and Morty" comics, you know that further repercussions follow. There's a multi-book arc titled "Rick and Morty Presents: Jaguar," which follows the assassin as he follows Rick and Jerry throughout the universe after Jerry accidentally killed an entire planet of people by farting. As Rick would say, "Don't think about it."

Throughout their exploits, Jerry reveals that Jaguar does indeed have infinite daughters, and Rick was just being selfish by not telling him. This only makes Jaguar angrier, and he chases them relentlessly to get his hands on Rick's portal gun and be reunited with his child. 

Later, Rick makes amends in the only way he knows how. He nonchalantly creates a portal to another universe that may have Jaguar's daughter — although it could be a snake-version of her because Rick can't seem to care for anything. As it turns out, it's revealed to be practically identical to the universe Jaguar is from, giving him the happy ending he's always wanted. The lesson from all of this is that Rick could avoid a lot of headaches in his line of work if he just had a little empathy for once, especially when it comes to his grandson.