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30% Of Lost Fans Would Want This Character As A Survival Partner

"Lost," which first aired in 2004 and lasted six seasons, had more plot twists, flashbacks, flash-forwards, and flash-sideways per season than most shows do over their entire run. While all of those storylines inevitably led to a bit of confusion for both the characters and the viewers, as well as an ending that people still get wrong, it certainly made for compelling, critically acclaimed TV.

While "Lost" was certainly never afraid to up the stakes with plot elements like smoke monsters, tropical polar bears, and a little light time travel, fans always had their favorite characters to fall back on. One thing that the show's aggressive commitment to flashbacks — and even alternate realities — allowed for was in-depth character exploration. By the end of "Lost," fans felt like they knew where characters like Kate (Evangeline Lilly) or Hurley (Jorge Garcia) had come from, and why they responded to life and death situations on the island the way they did.

With that in mind, Looper decided to ask fans which character they would want at their side if they were stranded on an island. 30% of fans agreed on one obvious choice, but an even larger plurality selected his foil.

Some Lost fans want a man of science, but more want a man of faith

Nearly one-third of "Lost" fans, 30%, picked the show's stalwart, handsome central character, Jack (Matthew Fox), as their preferred island survival partner. It's not hard to see why, as from the very first episode, Jack asserts himself as a confident leader with top-notch medical skills to boot.

However, Jack's 30% of the vote puts him in second place, behind the enigmatic believer John Locke (Terry O'Quinn), who received an impressive 39%. The split between the two characters is interesting, as they represented two approaches to island survival, and were often in opposition to one another. Whereas Jack was a leader who made his decisions based on rational thinking, Locke was a man of faith with extreme confidence in the mystical powers of the island, inspired in part by the fact that he regained the ability to walk after Oceanic 815 crashed.

While Jack ultimately sacrifices himself heroically in the final moments of "Lost," there is a solid argument that the teachings of Locke heavily influence his choices in that final timeline. The fact that Jack seemingly fulfills his destiny is a vindication for the values that Locke calmly preached during his time on the island. This quiet certainty would make him a valuable survival partner, not to mention the fact that he knows how to hunt wild boar with a knife.

Sawyer came in an improbable third place

While Jack and Locke combined walked away with over two-thirds of the vote, other popular characters from the show had fans willing to partner up with them in an island survival situation. In third place, with 12%, was the show's original antagonist, Sawyer (Josh Holloway), who gradually becomes a heroic figure as the show moved into its later seasons.

Behind Sawyer, with 9% of the vote, is Kate, the fugitive who entered Oceanic 815 in handcuffs, but found a chance to prove herself after the crash. While Kate was a love interest for both Jack and Sawyer at various points on "Lost," she demonstrated time and time again that she was more than capable of taking care of herself, and those around her on the island.

The last two spots go to Hurley, who earned 6% of the vote, and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), who received 4%. While both of those characters often served as comic relief in the show's first couple seasons, as time went on, they proved they had it in them to make the right choices when it mattered. Charlie would do so while meeting his tragic end during Season 3, while Hurley would become the island's new protector at the ending of "Lost."