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The Hidden Detail About Reid That You Missed On Criminal Minds

"Criminal Minds" is a show that knows how to captivate viewers with compelling storylines. Chronicling the case-solving exploits of an FBI Behavioral Science Unit, the show follows the team as they travel around the United States and hunt some of the most dangerous people imaginable. Given that the events that transpire are enthralling, sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the drama and overlook the smaller details and hidden Easter eggs. Then again, the addictive nature of "Criminal Minds" demands rewatches, and revisiting episodes puts things in a clearer perspective.

Matthew Gray Gubler, who played the charming Spencer Reid, was the only "Criminal Minds" actor to appear in every episode of the crime drama during its 15-season run. That's 323 episodes, which is no small feat. However, while the actor's long tenure on the show could have been down to the fact he's a favorite among the "Criminal Minds" faithful, his superstitions and questionable choice in socks may have been a factor in his good fortunes. 

Spencer Reid wore mismatched socks throughout Criminal Minds

Reid is arguably the most eccentric character on "Criminal Minds," and that's what makes him so beloved at the end of the day. That said, the actor who plays the investigator also has some interesting quirks — especially when it comes to footwear. According to ScreenRant, Reid wore mismatched socks on several occasions throughout "Criminal Minds," but he had valid reasons for doing so. The actor refuses to wear matching foot attire in his personal life as he believes it brings back luck, and this quirky habit carried over into the show.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Gubler revealed that bad things always happen to him whenever he wears socks the traditional way, which is why he tends to mix them up. "I've occasionally worn them matching, but something strange always happens on those days, whether it be spraining an ankle or messing up a knee." He went on to say that he even wears mismatched socks underneath a regular pair if the role demands him to adhere to conventions.