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The Ending Of 2 Guns Explained

Denzel Washington has proven time and time again that even now, decades into his career, he's still a master of the craft no matter what genre he's acting in. He offered a career-best performance in the incredible "Fences," and he's showing all of the young action stars out there how it's done when it comes to combat onscreen. He isn't slowing down in the slightest, as evidenced by a string of action hits like "The Equalizer," "The Magnificent Seven," and "2 Guns."

Most people may think Washington has never starred in a comic book flick since he's never been seen in spandex or flying through space, but technically, "2 Guns" fits the bill. It's based on a comic book series about two criminals pulling off heists. The only problem is that one of those criminals turns out to be a DEA agent. Plenty of contention ensues, but the two manage to work together to operate in a morally gray area. 

It's one of Washington's most violent films ever but makes for good, bloody escapist entertainment. In the event the ending left you wondering what could happen next for these characters, we've got your back. 

Bobby and Stig leave a trail of carnage in their wake

"2 Guns" ends in similar fashion to many action movies before it — with a big shootout against various criminal factions. Bobby (Washington) and Stig (Mark Wahlberg) are the only ones who make it out alive as they kill all of the enemies they've made over the course of the film, but with a few callbacks thrown in for good measure. 

When Earl (Bill Paxton) has Bobby pinned to the ground, Stig arrives for a good, old-fashioned Mexican standoff. Bobby asks Stig, "You my people, right?" This is in reference to earlier in the film, when Stig was the one who said, "You're my people and we have a code. You fight for the guy that's fighting next to you." It shows that despite their ups and downs, they're stuck with each other from here on out.

That doesn't mean it's all sunshine and roses. Once they get out of harm's way, they walk into the desert with one another, where Bobby takes Stig's gun and asks him where he wants to be shot. Stig tries to talk his way out of it, but Bobby shoots him in the leg in reference to earlier in the film when Stig was the one who shot Bobby, albeit in the arm. It's clear he hasn't forgotten, and now that they've knocked down the bad guys, it's time for a little payback.

The final scene sets up more stories with the two criminals

With that craziness behind them, Bobby and Stig are now men on the run, but they still have a plan in mind. Prior to the final shootout, they learn the CIA has many other secret banks, and as the two sit in a diner, they discuss how they're going to take on one of these banks ... with a little added help. Despite seemingly blowing up all of the money in one of the secret banks earlier in the film, Bobby slyly reveals to Stig that he kept a little something for himself. He keeps coy about how much it is, but it should be enough to bankroll plenty of fun times ahead.

"2 Guns" came out in 2013, and eight years later, it's looking unlikely that "3 Guns" could ever come to fruition. However, it definitely seems like the creative forces behind the film were interested in a follow-up if the first was a hit. The problem with that thinking is that it wasn't exactly a runaway success, grossing $131 million against a budget of $61 million (via Box Office Mojo). More money may have resulted in a Washington/Wahlberg reunion, possibly with even more action stars thrown into the mix to up the ante. 

Of course, a year after "2 Guns" was released, Washington starred in "The Equalizer," which eventually got a sequel, and it remains the only sequel the actor's ever done. For now, "The Equalizer 3" seems like it has a far greater possibility of happening compared to "3 Guns."