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The Horror Movie Reference You Missed In Godzilla Vs. Kong

We get it. You were so enthralled by the kaiju monster-on-monster action in "Godzilla vs. Kong" — and who wouldn't be, with all those Titans and the amazing climactic battle between King Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla — that you totally missed this reference to a horror movie that was subtly placed into the film by director Adam Wingard. That's okay: That's what Reddit is for. 

In a Reddit AMA from earlier today, Wingard set us all straight, pointing out that there's a little pop culture tribute in one part of the film that no one has been talking about yet. The scene in question takes place about halfway through the movie, at just about the one-hour mark. The humans have let Kong loose in the gravity-defying land known as Hollow Earth, and he quickly comes in contact with some Titan-sized denizens of his new surroundings, including Nozuki. You remember: Nozuki (or Warbat) goes after the humans in their airship, but Kong grabs it by the tail and slams it on the ground before swinging it around to hit another one of its kind. Then, Nozuki attacks Kong, wrapping himself around the giant ape. The humans let loose some projectiles to help Kong, and Kong is able to down his nemesis, tear off Nozuki's head, and drink the blood from his skull.

Turns out, that moment recalls a scene from a cult-favorite movie you might have seen.

Nozuki's defeat is inspired by a holodeck scene in Jason X

Wingard posted in the AMA, "The big reference that I haven't seen anyone pick up on is when Kong folds up and kills Nozuki (aka warbat) that was inspired by the holo deck murder scene in JASON X when Jason picks up the camper in their sleeping bag and smashes them around."

The scene in question happens near the very end of "Jason X," sometimes affectionately known as "Jason In Space," the 10th Jason Voorhees horror flick. In the scene, part-cyborg Uber Jason (Kane Hodder) is coming after the surviving protagonists, and Tsunaron (Chuck Campbell), with help from KM-14's (Lisa Ryder) head, turns on a holographic simulation of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason's home, as it appeared in the 1980s during the earlier "Friday the 13th" movies. When Tsunaron thinks Uber Jason has gotten a glimpse of him, he adds something else to the simulation to keep him busy for a few minutes longer: two giggly young campers in sleeping bags. As Rowan (Lexa Doig) tries to get an escape door open, the scene cuts back to show Jason beating one wiggly sleeping bag with another and then banging the one in his hands against a tree until both are still. "He's done with the campers!" Tsunaron announces. 

The point of this scene — as it relates to "Kong vs. Godzilla," anyway — is how Jason bashes one victim into another and swings one around to hit something just like Kong did with Nozuki, although the contexts are different enough that you're not alone if you didn't catch the reference. Fans are having fun with the revelation, too. One Redditor marveled, "This is amazing. My favorite 'serious' monster movie drew inspiration from my favorite campy monster movie." Another said, "I can't believe that. I said to my partner, while watching this 'That reminds me of Jason X.' Never would have thought it was a legit reference. 10 points to you." And another sums it all up nicely: "I thought that looked familiar! Nothing says cool like Jason in space..."