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Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of Earth: Final Conflict

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The name Gene Roddenberry is instantly recognized in sci-fi circles as the creator of the original Star Trek series. However, there is another TV show from the acclaimed writer that was made after his death — Earth: Final Conflict. Based on concept notes written by Roddenberry, the series tells the story of an alien race known as the Taelons who come to earth under the guise of helping humanity. Die-hard Roddenberry fans were thrilled to see an exciting new science-fiction universe from the Star Trek creator, even though he himself had died in 1991, six years before the show's premiere in 1997.

It is thanks to Roddenberry's widow, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, that the series even exists at all. Roddenberry had begun writing the concept for the new show under the name Battleground: Earth, but found he was too busy with other projects to develop it further. Shortly before his death, Roddenberry gave his blessing to his wife to pursue production of the series, and the title was eventually changed to Earth: Final Conflict. 

Although the show was cancelled in 2002, fans of the series can revisit the final world of Gene Roddenberry's imagination today, thanks to the modern wonders of online streaming. Here's how to check out every episode of Earth: Final Conflict.

The aliens in Earth: Final Conflict are not what they seem

Earth: Final Conflict is currently available to purchase on Amazon Video, with full seasons on sale for just $9.99. The show's cast includes Kevin Kilner as William Boone, Leni Parker as Da'an, and David Hemblen as Jonathan Doors.

While many science-fiction stories show aliens arriving on Earth and attacking the planet outright, Earth: Final Conflict has the off-world visitors using a more subtle approach. At the beginning of the series, the Taelons (also called "Companions") have been on the planet for a few years, and have helped to uplift the human race by providing them with breakthrough scientific technology and nearly eradicating all diseases. Commander William Boone is recruited by the Taelons as a Protector, however Boone is suspicious of the aliens' motives and is convinced to team up with a human resistance group as a double agent.

As the evidence piles up, Boone becomes conflicted between destroying the Companions and working with them to broker a peace. He also befriends Da'an, one of the advanced beings who appears to have the best of intentions and genuinely wants to help the humans. In later seasons, the Taelons are the least of Earth's problems when a new alien race appears that threatens everyone — the Atavus. 

Providing a unique take on the concept of aliens versus humans, Earth: Final Conflict is an exciting series with dramatic twists and turns that any sci-fi fan can appreciate.