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This Is The Show Fans Voted As The Best Sci-Fi TV Series Of All Time

For centuries, the science fiction genre has dominated the entertainment world across all mediums. It first arrived in print form, with such incredible works as Mary Shelley's 1818 classic, "Frankenstein," and H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" from 1898 being crowned its first titans. A short time later, the movie camera started spreading its influence across the globe, paving the way for sci-fi hits like Georges Méliès' "A Trip to the Moon," Fritz Lang's "Metropolis," and later Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" to take pop culture by storm.

When discussing the great triumphs of the sci-fi genre, one would be remiss not to mention its presence on television as well. Titles such as "The Twilight Zone," "Lost in Space," and "Quantum Leap" went on to redefine their field in a serialized format. In fact, much of what makes modern favorites like "Westworld" and "The Nevers" so successful is owed to their predecessors and the trends they set. Of course, not every science fiction program has added onto the genre's rich legacy, making it easier for TV bingers to whittle down which series are the best of the best.

Speaking of, here's what the masses had to say when it comes to which sci-fi show is the single greatest of all time.

No one in the sci-fi world can overtake Doctor Who

To get a feel for the public's top science fiction shows, Looper recently ran a poll through YouTube on the subject. Over 200,000 people from across the globe tossed in their two cents, and the results were quite interesting. Coming in first place with 27% of the vote was the entirety of "Doctor Who," with "The X-Files" hot on its heels at 24%. Not far behind was the original run of "Star Trek" that took home 21%, trailed by write-in votes that accounted for 20%. "Battlestar Galactica" found itself in last, having only rounded up the remaining 9%.

When looking at the overall spread, it's understandable why this race was so close. "Doctor Who" is a staple of British television and has managed to transcend national borders, becoming an international phenomenon. Also, at the time of this writing, it's the only series named in the survey that's still pumping out new installments and thus consistently accumulating more devoted fans as a result. That's undoubtedly top-spot material.

Meanwhile, "The X-Files" – while not as widely popular these days — had a massive fanbase in its prime, even though the 2016 revival didn't reach those same heights. As for "Stark Trek," it's one of the most iconic sci-fi programs ever produced and remains as revered today as it was when its finale aired in 1969. With résumés like that, it's no wonder that write-ins and especially "Battlestar Galactica" found themselves in the dust.

All in all, everyone has their favorites and each option has its merits. These shows all left their mark on the TV landscape in their own unique way, but the people made their stance very clear: "Doctor Who" is the top dog in the sci-fi world.