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Fans Can't Stand This Scrubs Character

Plenty of despicable characters appear throughout the eight-season run of NBC's classic medical sitcom, Scrubs. At times, the show goes out of its way to portray the darker side of working in a hospital, like the chief of medicine who would pass over a dying patient just to save some money or the doctors who value the competitive culture of medicine over helping patients in need. However, Scrubs is also a show about doctors' personal lives, and some doctors simply have unlikeable personalities.

Take Todd, for instance, the Sacred Heart surgeon who incessantly harasses both his patients and coworkers. There's also Dr. Cox and his girlfriend, who take pleasure from insulting and degrading those around them. Still, there's one character on Scrubs who fans simply can't seem to stand, and their reasoning is based more on the hurtful decisions she made rather than her having any sort of sour personality.

Why Scrubs fans hate Dr. Kim Briggs the most

Like many sitcom protagonists, Scrubs' J.D. went through a litany of love interests throughout the series. Most of these end poorly, but few broke his heart quite so badly as Kim Briggs. As the mother of his child, Kim is one of J.D.'s most important love interests, taking up a good amount of screen time after her debut. In the ensuing seasons, however, she makes several decisions at the expense of J.D. that really caught the ire of fans.

"[Kim] f***ing moved away, lied to [J.D.] about a miscarriage," one fan wrote on the Scrubs Subreddit. "Then basically begged him to get back together, with her admitting that she f***ed him over and that she would understand if it is harder for him to trust her right away... but then – even when JD says he isn't ready to say it back – she tells him she loves him and then gets pissed when he doesn't say it."

So, despite being one of J.D.'s closest relationships, Kim proved herself to be manipulative and selfish throughout several stages of their relationship. Her biggest sin, as fans are quick to point out, is that she lied to J.D. about having a miscarriage when in reality she was still pregnant with their child. Few other Scrubs characters manage to hurt J.D. so deeply and personally, and while the two did eventually patch things up, it still doesn't excuse her behavior.