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The Royal Cameo You Probably Forgot All About In Friends

Friends had more cameos than Chandler had sweater vests. The show ran for 10 seasons, and each one featured at least one movie star guest. Julia Roberts did a spot on Friends that resulted in her dating Matthew Perry, LGBT activist Candace Gingrich performed the show's groundbreaking lesbian wedding, and Freddie Prinze Jr. played the male nanny who caused so much masculine panic in Ross. But did you known Friends has a connection to the British royals?

After Friends became a huge success in England, the show went across the pond to shoot the two-parter "The One with Ross's Wedding." The two episodes changed the show forever: Ross (David Schwimmer) said "I Take Thee Rachel" at the altar, and Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler first hooked up. Ross' failed marriages and the Mondler relationship came to define the back half of Friends, but the impactful episode was also a cameo-palooza. One notable Brit involved was the Duchess of York herself: Fergie, a.k.a. Sarah Ferguson.

Fergie appeared on Joey's vlog

Fergie is seen in the first part of "The One with Ross's Wedding," where she takes a photo with Joey. Fergie appeared on the show after her very public divorce from Prince Andrew. Despite all the bad PR flung in her direction, Fergie became a celeb in England and America. She was caught in a bribery scandal in 2010, allegedly accepting money in exchange for introductions to her prince ex-husband (via Forbes). At least she never said she was too brave to sweat

Many more Brits popped up in "The One with Ross's Wedding." A pre-House Hugh Laurie played a man who leant an unsympathetic ear to Rachel on her flight to England. Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders played Ross's fiancée's step-mom, and Richard Branson sold Joey a terrible hat. Indie film fans may recognize Olivia Williams as the bridesmaid who hooks up with Joey. Williams is best known for her work in the Wes Anderson classic Rushmore as well as on the Whedonverse shows Dollhouse and The NeversThe episode really does have something for everyone.