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How You Can Watch Every Episode Of Caprica

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Caprica, the prequel series to the rebooted Battlestar Galactica, came just a year after the incredible sci-fi series ended on a surprisingly terrible note. However, despite the disappointment of Battlestar's fourth season, Caprica received fairly positive reviews from critics. But after only getting one season, the series has since faded from the cultural landscape, only reappearing as a popular answer to the Twitter question: If you could get an extra season of any show they canceled prematurely, what would it be?

At the very least, despite its premature canceling, fans can rest easy ultimately knowing what happens in the end — simply by the nature of Caprica being a prequel. The two series are vastly different, but they're tied together in theme, character, and Cylon.

Battlestar Galactica is an epic tale of survival as the last vestiges of humanity flee the sentient robots called Cylons that destroyed their home planets, the Twelve Colonies. Caprica, meanwhile, goes back in the timeline to 58 years before the genocide, to reveal how and why the Cylons were created. At the center of the story are two families: the Graystones and the Adamas, who each experience loss in a religion-driven terrorist attack. Eric Stoltz plays Daniel Graystone, a wealthy inventor trying to bring his daughter back to life, and Esai Morales plays Joseph Adama, a lawyer with mob connections who's the father of Battlestar's Commander Adama.

An extra season may not be in the cards for the series, but for any fans wanting to return to Caprica, or watch it for the first time, here's where it's available.

Head over to NBC to stream Caprica

All 19 episodes of Caprica are currently available for free streaming, with ads, on NBC's website. If they're ever taken down from there, the season is also available for purchase on Amazon Prime. It's only one season, so it is a quick enough watch and then you can hop right over to Peacock and watch Battlestar Galactica. Or, the other way around.

While Battlestar proved that some old shows deserve a reboot, Caprica proved that prequels aren't inherently a bad idea. "Unlike most prequels, Caprica not only provides a backstory, but also enhances your appreciation of the original source material," wrote one Amazon user in a review.

Caprica brings back many of the same themes as Battlestar — religion, science, humanity, racism — though in a more grounded, less flashy tone that critics often likened to the soap opera, Dallas. Plus, it's got the VR addiction of Ready Player One, though without the overload of '80s pop culture references. Ultimately, the series draws much of its tension from the knowledge that everything is going to go horribly, disastrously wrong.

Still, it's how they get there that makes Caprica so captivating.