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The Best And Worst Armor In Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter games feature expansive options for players to customize their armor and weapons. In fact, incorporating items from slain monsters into one's loadout is one of the most rewarding parts of Monster Hunter Rise. Players can even add skills to armor through the use of talismans, providing even more options.

Hunters definitely have specific picks for the best weapons when playing Monster Hunter Rise, but the game includes far more armor than weapons, and players are able to mix and match each piece of the suit. In other words, each player will likely have their own preference for armor. That being said, some armors provide greater advantages or disadvantages at different points in Monster Hunter Rise's plot, and players definitely have opinions about which armors should be favored over the rest. Trial and error is the only true way for players to find out what works for them.

Monster Hunter Rise isn't quite finished yet, and more content is on the way soon from Capcom, including a new ending. While waiting for more content to be added, players can zip through the world on their Wirebugs, showing off their best armor to all their friends.

The best armor in Monster Hunter Rise

RageGamingVideos clearly explained that there's no right or wrong way to hunt, but for those who want to make it through Monster Hunter Rise with relatively little grinding or farming, some armor sets are more advantageous than others. There are two armor builds that can carry players through the game, one at a lower rank and one at a higher rank.

The best low rank armor can be cobbled together from a couple of different sources, according to RageGamingVideos. First, players must slay the Great Izuchi as part of a low level village quest, then craft armor from its rewards. Wearing the Great Izuchi armor on their head, chest, and waist, players can then set out to find a few more pieces for this low level set. Specifically, players should add machalite ore to alloy gloves and upgrade their leggings with Dragonite once they access three star quests. This armor combo can take players straight to high rank by providing balanced protection.

At a higher rank, the best armor loadout looks strikingly similar. In fact, RageGamingVideos suggests upgrading your existing low rank set of Great Izuchi armor. Upgrade the Great Izuchi head and chest pieces, then add the Kamura braces. With Baggi waist armor as the finishing touch, you've got a nice high ranking set that should take you to the endgame with relative ease and comfort.

The worst armor in Monster Hunter Rise

Determining the worst armor in Monster Hunter Rise proves to be a more difficult and subjective task. While hunters typically feel eager to share their experiences with optimal builds and complex data, it seems like few players actively search for subpar armor (which makes sense). Regardless, some armor sets can certainly stand out as lacking, particularly when compared to the best in the game. 

For example, the Mosgharl S Set, a high ranking armor set with a cute pumpkin theme, only offers 110 Defense when all pieces are combined. The set doesn't even provide much in the way of elemental benefits; though it's resistant to Ice, it's weak to Fire, making the Mosgharl S set useful in very specific situations involving Ice-themed monsters. 

The Mosgharl S set makes a return from previous Monster Hunter games, and it seems that Monster Hunter Rise doesn't give it any upgrades. As one Redditor said of the original version, its "skills are s****y, but it looks bada**, that's the only reason people make it. It's just a cool novelty set." For some hunters, looks are everything — but those cutesy pumpkins won't protect against massive monster attacks.