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This Was By Far The Best Big Bang Theory Scene In Penny's Apartment

Similar to Monica's apartment on Friends, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard's (Johnny Galecki) Pasadena pad was often the focus of the action on The Big Bang Theory. It was a frequent meeting place for the crew, the site of many iconic moments from the show, and the location of quite a few breaches of the infamous Roommate Agreement.

While it may not have quite the high profile of apartment 4A, apartment 4B — aka Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) apartment — has its own special place in the history of the show. It often served as a spot for the characters to get a breath from the action or to get involved in a fun side plot. Just because it could be considered the show's secondary apartment, that doesn't mean it wasn't also home to many fantastic scenes. From big bits of comedic relief to tender emotional exchanges, the walls of Penny's apartment have seen more than a few choice moments throughout the course of the series.

Here are some of our choices for the best scenes that take place in Penny's apartment, as well as our pick for the all time greatest.

Amy's ugly painting was as sweet as it was funny

Despite the fact that they don't always treat each other with kindness, Penny and Amy's (Mayim Bialik) friendship is one of the most endearing storylines on all of The Big Bang Theory. The two women are polar opposites in many ways, but their gradual progression from acquaintances to BFFs is a sweet journey to behold. It's a journey that isn't without its speed bumps, though.

One of the most comical came in the season 5 episode "The Rothman Disintegration," which contains a scene that absolutely must be brought up in any discussion of the best moments set in Penny's apartment. Toward the beginning of the episode, Amy arrives at Penny's place with a very large wrapped gift. Amy wanted to thank Penny for her friendship, so she commissioned a painting of the two of them. While the gesture is certainly beautiful, the painting, unfortunately, is not.

Penny's attempts to stifle her natural reaction to the nightmarish and uncanny portrait are wickedly funny and, in a way, sweet. In trying to hide her obvious horror at the painting, Penny shows just how much Amy's friendship really means to her.

Penny learns the hard way that Sheldon isn't someone you want coming to your rescue

Another relationship of Penny's that has faced more than a few tests is her friendship with Sheldon. Take, for example, the season 3 episode "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency." Many fans likely remember it as the one where Leonard, Howard (Simon Helberg), and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) accidentally eat a bunch of weed-infused cookies while on a camping trip. But it also contains an equally hilarious plotline that sees Sheldon forced to come to Penny's rescue.

While the rest of the guys are out camping, Sheldon hears cries coming from the apartment across the hall. Inside, he finds Penny collapsed in her bathtub, having dislocated her shoulder after falling in the shower. Anyone arriving at the scene would have been a relief. However, with Sheldon at the helm, the whole situation turns into a comedic struggle as he tries to get Penny out of her tub, dressed, and on her way to the emergency room.

At first, Sheldon's lack of a driver's license seems like the biggest hurdle to getting Penny's arm fixed. It turns out, though, that his complete inability to pick out a non-hideous outfit for her to wear to the hospital is actually the most troublesome. The scene's big stakes make Sheldon's deficiencies all the more hilarious and they help earn it a spot on the list of honorable mentions.

The moment that Penny and Leonard finally got engaged

Those who love the show know that The Big Bang Theory isn't just all laughs. One of the most tender and emotional storylines is that of Penny and Leonard's relationship, which begins with them as an unlikely couple, features a major breakup, and ends with a (mostly) happily ever after.

In the middle of it all were several failed marriage proposal attempts. It's not that there wasn't a desire from either party to tie the knot, but awkward timing and total inebriation kept them from officially taking the plunge and declaring themselves enfianced. That all changed in the season 7 episode "The Gorilla Dissolution."

Penny's storyline in that episode involves her getting fired from a movie and seriously questioning her desire to continue to pursue acting. When she and Leonard return to her apartment, she's distraught about the state of her life, saying, "I need to start making some smart decisions."

One thing that quickly comes to mind is the idea of her and Leonard getting married. He's offended at the notion at first, saying that being considered a "smart decision" makes their relationship feel akin to making a healthy choice for breakfast in the morning. Penny is able to talk him through it, though, and he eventually pulls a ring out of his pocket and officially proposes.

It's a momentous and moving occasion for the couple and the show, but there is one other Penny's apartment scene that takes the cake as the best ever.

The absolute best scene that ever happened in Penny's apartment

Penny and Leonard's official proposal may be the moment that happened in Penny's apartment they cherish the most, but as far as we're concerned, there's one other that deserves the top spot. The Big Bang Theory is, after all, a sitcom, and while proposals and heartfelt moments are a nice addition, we're watching to laugh. That's why the season 4 episode "The 21-Second Excitation" contains our pick for the best scene that took place in Penny's apartment.

The episode features one of the most fun recurring events of the series: a girl's night between Penny, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), and Amy. When Penny invites her friends to crash at her place, Amy takes it as an opportunity to live out her fantasies of having a slumber party, something she never did when it was age-appropriate.

There are many funny moments throughout as Amy explores slumber party staples like Truth or Dare ("Hang on, I have to familiarize myself with the rules") and girl talk ("I have a real zinger about my tilted uterus"). The best, though, is her beguiling recitation of "The Miller's Tale" from Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, which is her contribution to the prompt "Tell a dirty story."

When it comes to all the scenes that went down in Penny's apartment, girl's night has to take the top spot.