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The Most Terrifying Movie According To Reddit Isn't What You'd Expect

So. What's your favorite scary movie?

If you ask a million horror movie fans what their answer to this question is, you'll get a million different answers. Some folks love the spooky, supernatural gore of the Evil Dead series. Others prefer the subtle eeriness of movies like The Others.  From the Cronenbergian body horror of the 1986 version of The Fly to the scary-for-what-it-doesn't-show-us Rosemary's Baby, there's a lot of variety afoot if you want to dive deep enough. This, after all, is a genre that offers everything from alien invasion films to all-too-human slashers; from ghosts to goblins to evil leprechauns to wily demons. Haunted books to haunted mansions, and doomed lovers to scared teens. Evil kids to evil dogs. 

When a now-deleted member of the Reddit community /r/horror posed the question "what's the scariest movie you've ever seen?" in 2018, the results were pretty surprising. Keep reading to find out which films scared the community's socks off.

The top vote-getter turned off fans with its gory original cut

Coming in with around 3,800 upvotes, the 1997 sci-fi horror spectacle Event Horizon – as suggested by Redditor Wh00ster — was almost tied for first place as it took the informal poll. The Paul W.S. Anderson film stars Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill as two members of the crew of a spaceship called Lewis and Clark. The ship was sent to explore the recently-reappeared starship Event Horizon, which disappeared seven years before during its first voyage. What they discover is not what they expected, to say the least.

The film — which was apparently so violent in its original 130-minute cut that both the studio and test audiences balked at it — apparently struck quite the nerve with the subreddit's members. "A bunch of mates went to watch it," Reddit user Astoryinfromthewild recalled. "We all split up in the relatively empty theatre when we got in. After the crew receive the first transmission from the Event Horizon ship, the dudes who went all the way down front laughed nervously. By the middle of the movie we were all sitting together in the same row."

The second-place vote-getter — the 2012 Ethan Hawke haunted movie horror flick Sinister – was only a handful of votes away from matching Event Horizon's final tally. In third with around 3,000 votes was the 2005 film The Descent, about a group of spelunkers that gets trapped underground with a mysterious menace.