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This Is What Charlie From Good Luck Charlie Looks Like Today

In the Disney Channel sitcom Good Luck Charlie, Bridgit Mendler plays Teddy Duncan, a teenager who spends her days creating a video diary to give advice to her baby sister Charlie on how to survive the quirks of their family and the ups and downs of life. In the pilot episode of the series from 2010, Charlie, played by Mia Talerico, is said to be nine months old, although Talerico was reportedly 10 months old when she was cast. By the time Good Luck Charlie ended in early 2014, Charlie was five years old and had a baby brother named Toby, born during the run of the show. 

Back then, Talerico was just a tot — blonde and adorable. Her series remains viewable on Disney+, but the actress is a bit less visible now, though she has had a handful of acting credits since 2014. As of April 2021, Talerico is 12 years old and active on Instagram.

Mia Talerico is a sixth-grader and social media influencer

Mia Talerico's Instagram posts show that she's mostly a normal pre-teen girl. She has guinea pigs, including one named Inky; she likes bubble tea (unless they get her order wrong); and she lives in Los Angeles, California. She surfs, appears to love dancing (though her dance-focused TikTok appears to have been deactivated), and last Halloween, her long blonde hair made her costume — Cher from Clueless — pretty perfect. 

But Talerico's life isn't totally normal, as she still seems to get perks from her association with a popular TV show and is treated as an influencer. As of this writing, she has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and more than 56,000 subscribers on YouTube (even though she hasn't posted there in a year, so that's probably fair).

In terms of her acting career, Talerico has been quieter. Her biggest project since the end of Good Luck Charlie was the web series Mani, about a girl named Sky (Piper Rockelle) and her male nanny. Talerico is probably mostly busy with school, as she's currently in sixth grade. During the peak of the coronavirus shutdowns, she naturally participated in a Good Luck Charlie virtual reunion with her fellow co-stars, in which she argued that she had the easiest role on the show. "I just got told most of my lines or didn't have any," she said. "And I think it was really easy because like most of the time, it was just happened, we just rolled with it." Co-star Bradley Steven Perry, who played her older brother Gabe, chimed in to note that the talk was "a trip," as it was the first interview they'd ever really done with Talerico being fully part of the conversation. 

Talerico still has a bright future in front of her, and it's hard to know exactly how she'll leverage her fame going forward. However, as she's already created quite the space for herself on social media (her mom actually manages her accounts), you'll probably be hearing more from this former Disney star. Good luck, Mia!