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How To Play TFT Like NA Challenger Mismatched Socks

The Teamfight Tactics: Fates Championship has fans talking about online gaming once again, and all eyes are on up and coming Teamfight Tactics competitive player Mismatched Socks. Though he didn't make it to the final day of the championship, Mismatched Socks performed outstandingly, leaving many viewers wondering how to emulate their new favorite competitive player. 

Mismatched Socks was one of the most anticipated players at the championship, and his moves are unparalleled. Luckily for those ready to brush up on their Teamfight Tactics skills, there are plenty of resources out there to teach you to play just like Mismatched Socks. 

One of the most important sources for tips on how to play like Mismatched Socks is interviews with the player himself. Mismatched Socks has been incredibly generous with his time, recording podcast episodes and interviews to explain some of his techniques in Teamfight Tactics. 

As Mismatched Socks said on Twitter, "Sometimes it takes explaining to someone else to truly understand what you're doing." Mismatched Socks also linked to a podcast he guested on, where he discussed some of his biggest matches in detail, going over his strategies.

Mismatched Socks shares secrets on Reddit

Continuing the theme of generosity, Mismatched Socks has also left more details for those who want to play like him on Reddit. A quick glance at Mismatched Socks' Reddit user page shows that he has responded to myriad comments and questions from other players. Most of his comments read like technical instructions, detailing the benefits and drawbacks to each character while sharing details about particular weapons or strategies.

Mismatched Socks even uploaded an intricately detailed guide on how to play like him. Mismatched Socks wrote, "I've been lurking in this community for a while and it's helped me out a lot. I thought it's finally time I give back to the TFT competitive community." Instead of hoarding his knowledge to himself, Mismatched Socks gave back to his community and shared the love. 

One of the mamy tips Mismatched Socks shared has the potential to change how gamers play Teamfight Tactics. In his guide, Mismatched Socks recommends "Putting in only 1 unit for minion rounds (stage 1-2, and 1-3) to gain an extra gold 20% of the games." While a 20% boost doesn't seem like much, it really adds up over time. Mismatched Socks also suggested reserving Zephyr units until late in the game. By keeping Zephyr units "on the bench," until needed, players can use the element of surprise to shock opponents.

Mismatched Socks' stats are public

When all else is in doubt, fake it til you make it. All of Mismatched Socks' stats are viewable on LoLChess, a site that tracks League of Legends players. As of now, Mismatched Socks is in the top players in the world. On LoLChess, players can view Mismatched Socks' preferred champions, items, and team compositions, which can provide a good bit of insight for fans wanting to play more like one of the top League of Legends players in the world. 

By recreating some of Mismatched Socks' setups, other players might find success as well, or at least find out what doesn't work for them. Every player will have different preferences, after all. As for Mismatched Socks, he seemingly prefers to dominate matches with Ninjas, defeating enemies with boosted attack power and stealth. In fact, he has used Ninjas in a large majority of his recent matches.

Of course, things will change in Teamfight Tactics soon enough, as the game prepares to launch its new season, Reckoning. With Mismatched Socks' impressive skills and Reckoning's new content, hopefully Teamfight Tactics can rise to the top of the Twitch charts once again, armed with players more or less trained by Mismatched Socks himself.