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The Ending Of Oddword: Soulstorm Explained

Oddworld: Soulstorm presents an all-new take on the story of 1998's Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus. In order to liberate his fellow Mudokons from the clutches of the Glukkons and the Soulstorm energy drink factory, Abe will have to use all of his new crafting abilities and ingenuity. Critics have commented on how difficult the game can be, but players who put in the time and effort to beat Soulstorm will be rewarded. Much like the original Abe's ExoddusSoulstorm has multiple endings, both good and bad.

Throughout the game, Abe will earn Quarma for carrying out specific tasks, including saving Mudokons and dispatching enemies in non-lethal ways. While Abe can periodically check his Quarma during and at the ends of levels, this is much more than just a simple scoring system; Abe's entire future depends on it. In fact, managing Abe's Quarma and keeping the Mudokons alive is the key to unlocking the game's different endings.

The Worst Ending and the Bad Ending

Depending on how well Abe carries out his mission of rescuing his fellow Mudokons, players will receive a different ending. To unlock each of the endings, players have to save at least 80% of the Mudokons in each level of the game. 

The game's Worst Ending is simple enough to unlock: players only have to save 80% of the Mudokons in 6 levels or less. This ending is extraordinarily brief, as a series of newspaper headlines inform the player that Chief Executive Officer Molluck has detonated the Soulstorm brewery, killing every Mudokon and Slig inside. Abe's mission has not only failed, but he and all of his friends have perished — and now, no one believes that Abe ever existed.

The so-called "Bad Ending" is somehow even worse. Saving 80% of the Mudokons in 7 to 11 levels will unlock a scene in which Abe accidentally spills a crate of the flammable Soulstorm brew, which ignites in the train's engine room. The resulting explosion kills Abe and his companions, and sends the burning train rocketing into the brewery, which is completely destroyed. Abe's last words concern how his bad Quarma started all of this.

The Good Ending and the Secret Ending

The game's best endings will require Abe to save a significant number of Mudokons, but they're definitely worth unlocking. Both of them wrap up the story in interesting ways, but also leave the door wide open for another installment.

In the Good Ending, which is unlocked after clearing 12 to 16 levels at 80%, distrust has begun brewing among the Glukkons, who blame each other for the Mudokon uprising. After overhearing his partners plotting against him, Molluck sends a group of Sligs to kill them. Players are then treated to a scene of Abe and his friends escaping capture on board a speeding train. Abe tells his companions that he knows where to find the mother of the Mudokan people, perfectly setting up a quest for the next sequel to explore.

A secret ending is unlocked after completing all 17 levels at 80% or higher survival rate. This bonus scene shows a series of newspaper headlines that show how the Glukkons have been impacted by Abe's uprising. According to these articles, Molluck has gone into hiding and Mudokons continue to leave their posts at a dramatic rate, implying that Abe's message has been heard around the world.