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This Is The Smartest Character On Firefly Lane

Whether you've watched all of Netflix's adaptation of Firefly Lane or you're a fan of the novels written by Kristin Hannah, you probably have some strong opinions about who's done the right, wrong, smart, and not-so-smart things during the 30-year friendship between shy Kate Mularkey (Sarah Chalke) and firebrand Tully Hart (Katherine Heigl).

The heart-wrenching drama tells the story of how the two girls connect over a tragedy that happens in Tully's teenage life, and it continues as their friendship evolves and they become grown women: one with a family, the other with a successful career as a famous talk show host. Firefly Lane features endearing performances and a whole lot of drama. In fact, The Guardian called it a "sickly-sweet" soap opera-type show.

As the characters navigate their lives, there's one person, in particular, who seems to stand out with fans as the smartest of the lot. Here's why this is the smartest character on Firefly Lane.

On Netflix's Firefly Lane, Tully is the smartest character

There's no doubt that Tully takes the lead in many aspects of her friendship with Kate, starting back when they were teenagers and continuing as the two girls grow up together, and her ability to take charge definitely gives Tully an edge when it comes to ranking the smartest characters on Firefly Lane. ScreenRant named Tully the smartest character on Firefly Lane recently because she has such a successful career on television that she eventually hosts her own talk show, The Girlfriend Hour.

The outlet also noted that Tully knows herself well and knows what she wants out of life from a pretty young age. She's smart enough to recognize early on the pain her neglectful mother causes her, as well as what a loyal friend Kate would be, and she's determined to get everything she wants out of life.

Tully is also smart in that she is honest when it comes to her relationship with Max (Jon-Michael Ecker). She opens up to him about her trust issues and how she's not sure if she should become a mother because of her traumatic relationship with her own parent.

Katherine Heigl loved playing Tully on Firefly Lane

In an interview with Decider, Heigl talked about how the character of Tully was the one that "scared her" most because she was so different from how Heigl is in real life. Specifically, Heigl cited Tully's unapologetic, unwavering ambition and determination to get what she wants, saying that, unlike her character, she finds herself apologizing all the time.

Heigl told the outlet, "There was something so freeing about playing Tully, about embracing that part of the Divine Feminine because I think it's all part of it, isn't it? You know, being tender, being empathetic, being a nurturer. But there is also that other side to being a woman which is embracing yourself and loving yourself enough to know what you want and go after it and knowing who you are and your truth enough to not apologize when somebody doesn't like it. It was really, it was really fun to be her."

It seems that Tully going after what she wants without apologizing is definitely the smartest move. She gets the guys she wants, the career she wants, and, ultimately, the life she wants.