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Exclusive Clip: Tina Embarks On An Important Mission In New Bob's Burgers Episode

Those who witness strange things in their neighborhood and see strange things in their heads call on the Ghostbusters for help, but those in charge at Wagstaff School who need to get a tough job done call on Tina Belcher to do the deed. 

In the newest episode of Bob's Burgers — season 11, episode 17, airing on Fox on Sunday, April 11 — Wagstaff's guidance counselor Mr. Frond (voiced by David Herman) calls Tina (voiced by Dan Mintz) into his office and tasks her with an important job. Ahead of the episode's premiere, Looper can share with Bob's Burgers fans an exclusive clip that details Tina's new mission — that unexpectedly leads her to a new passion.

The sneak peek shows Mr. Frond explaining to Tina that things at Wagstaff are all out of whack, and that he desperately needs her to get to the bottom of it. "You're my most experienced hall monitor. You're good at what you do, you have a light touch. The kids seem to like you — I mean, in their way" Mr. Frond begins. "The thing is, I have a feeling that there's something going on. Kids are distracted, whispery. Test scores are down, art supplies are missing. Kids are hanging out in new groups: the populars mixing with the regulars. Whatever it is, I need it to stop. I need to add it to the no-no list." 

There's no way to overstate how important this job is for Tina to do — and to do well. "The open house is in three days. I need the superintendent to think this place runs like a well-oiled baby," says Mr. Frond. Tina explains in a detective-style voiceover that she told Mr. Frond she could certainly figure out what's going on at Wagstaff, but she comes to find out that "no matter which way you turn, fate can stick out a foot and trip you."

Prepare for a hilarious new episode of Bob's Burgers

One might expect that any number of oddities could represent these feet of fate that trip Tina up during her investigation. However, as the episode's logline reveals, what will actually throw Tina off her course is a "hall monitor crisis" that happens when she "falls in love with a new underground trend at Wagstaff" — the very same one that Mr. Frond is hoping to destroy. 

While Tina is second-guessing her status as a hall monitor and her commitment to fulfilling Mr. Frond's request before Wagstaff's open house, her parents Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) are working hard to figure out how the handyman Teddy (Larry Murphy) can "sneak food into a movie theater." Gut-busting antics are sure to ensue.

Get ready for the newest episode of Bob's Burgers, entitled "Fingers-loose," to premiere this Sunday, April 11, at 9 PM ET/PT on Fox.