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The Best And Worst New Locations In Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Season 6

The newest season of Fortnite is in full swing, and its new Primal theme has been accompanied by the traditional map revamp. The game has added a new color scheme for the Primal biome, introduced new animal NPCs, and replaced some old locations with all new drop spots.

The most noticeable new location sits at the very center of the island, where Zero Point, the point of interest that Season 6's single-player mission revolved around, has been replaced by The Spire. Looking at the map, players will notice that the landscape around and headed away from The Spire has changed to the autumnal color pattern of the Primal biome, and it is within this area that gamers will find all the new zones. There are new named points of interest for Fortnite fans to explore this season, as well as several new Guardian Towers that appear to be related to The Spire.

Of course, whenever a competitive battle royale game such as Fortnite applies large-scale changes to its map, players must adjust their tactics and find new favorite drop zones, all while learning which sites to avoid. Here are the best and worst new locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6.

Colossal Crops stands out as one of the best new locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6

While each of the new named points of interest arriving in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 have their advantages and disadvantages, the one that seems to be earning the most appreciation among the fans is Colossal Crops. This new location, located just a bit northeast of The Spire itself, features a ton of loot to help them gear up, NPCs to hunt for Fortnite's new crafting system, and wheat fields to hide in if things get too intense. Some fans are already calling it one of the best new landing spots in the game.

That said, things are likely to get pretty wild Colossal Crops, as its central location and high-value rewards have made it a popular starting location. Gamers may also find sheer popularity and great loot to be a double-edged sword at one of the other best new locations in Chapter 2 – Season 6, the Spire. However, Epic Games has gotten ahead of this issue by including a massive number of ziplines connecting the Spire to all of the areas around it, meaning that players who are light on their feet can drop in, pick up some solid loot, and then zipline away before they get involved in a firefight they can't win.

Boney Burbs is the worst new location in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6

Boney Burbs, which lies slightly to the northwest of The Spire, seems to be the weakest of the new locations. Boney Burbs replaces the popular Tilted Towers, which reappeared in Season 5. It also leans into the new Primal theme perhaps the hardest, with buildings constructed out of dinosaur bones and animal hides. However, pro players do not seem to be too interested in landing there, possibly due to a lack of decent loot (outside of a good number of bones).

Somewhere in the middle of Boney Burbs and Colossal Crops in terms of drop value are the new Guardian Towers. While these locations are not marked on the map, they are given names based on their position, such as the landlocked Guardian of the Mountain or the oceanside Guardian of the Sea.

The simplest way to locate a Guardian Tower is to follow one of the six Primal biomes that extend outwards from The Spire, identifiable by the orange-colored landscape. At the end of each biome is a Guardian Tower. While the towers have less loot than a named location, they are likely to be less crowded. Also, each has a launch pad at the top of the tower, which allows players to activate their gliders to reposition themselves.