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Why Angela's Finances Has The Office Fans Scratching Their Heads

Actress Angela Kinsey shares her given name with her most famous character, The Office's Angela Martin. Angela is the no-nonsense head accountant at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. Unlike her real-life counterpart, Angela is mostly known for her dourness, love of cats, and an on-again, off-again relationship with salesman Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). Their rollercoaster love affair rivals anything vanilla-flavored Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) ever did. Of course, ask Angela about it and she'll say the Halperts live in a den of sin. The accountant wears her judgmental attitude with honor, but in the season 9 episode "Livin' The Dream, Part 1," Angela arrives at work in shame, clearly knocked off her high horse.

The ninth season saw Angela lose her husband, Senator Robert Lipton, to his lover/campaign aide. This came to the surprise of both Angela and fellow accountant Oscar (Oscar Nunez), who had also been having an affair with the senator. Angela is a new mother, and the divorce forces her into eviction. Knowing she has nowhere to go, Oscar extends a hand to the woman who recently tried to have him killed. It's a hilariously touching arc, albeit a spotty one. Something about the gaps between Angela, who is head of accounting, and her suddenly drastic finances had some fans of The Office scratching their heads.

Where did Angela's money go during The Office?

Angela has been working at Dunder Mifflin for at least nine years at this point. That means she had at least nine years with a consistent salary as the head of a department. Regardless, after her divorce, Angela found herself looking at tent options as a living situation. Everyone knows divorces aren't cheap, but Reddit fans wonder if she should have a little money saved up from her long career.

Reddit user u/_Hank_Scorpio did present one interesting theory for Angela's lack of funds, guessing that Angela may have a ton of veterinarian bills for her collection of cats. The woman does love her cats. Is it possible that the baby (plus daycare, as one user mentioned) and a fierce love of show cats are the reason for Angela's financial situation? If so, other fans wonder why there was never a mention of child support from the senator. Some thought that Dwight was the real father of Angela's child, and maybe the senator knew the truth.

We may never know the whole reason for Angela's confusing finances. As u/Defchoco put it, "because it's written in the script" will just have to suffice for us die-hard fans. Despite her hardships, Angela has a happy ending. The series finale sees her and Dwight tie the knot and live happily ever after on Schrute Farms.