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Dead To Me Season 3 - Everything You Need To Know

The final season of "Dead to Me" is live, hitting Netflix on November 17. All 10 episodes of the final season are available to binge, as the series, thankfully, doesn't follow the week-by-week format. These are the last misadventures of Judy (Linda Cardellini) and Jen (Christina Applegate) following the dramatic Season 2 finale. The last episodes we saw before November 17 landed on the streamer almost two and a half years ago in May 2021. The previous gap between seasons was only one short year, but the COVID-19 pandemic and Applegate's recent struggles with MS caused production delays (via TVLine).

It might be hard to remember where things left off, but Netflix does offer a three-minute recap video to catch you up on everything (if you don't want to go back and re-binge Season 2) regarding the sneaky friend duo. "Dead to Me" Season 3 wraps up everything in the nicest bow possible. Here's everything you need to know about the final installment. 

What is the plot of Dead to Me Season 3?

"In the aftermath of yet another hit and run, both women receive shocking news, and are ready to risk their lives for a friendship that's above the law," the official logline for the series reads. Season 3 of "Dead to Me" kicks off in the immediate aftermath of their hit-and-run, with Jen ending up in the hospital. She hasn't lost her sarcasm, while Judy hasn't lost her aloof nature.

Steve's (James Marsden) body is finally discovered, which kicks the investigation of his disappearance into high gear. Of course, Judy and Jen are at the forefront, trying to figure out a way out of all of this. We don't want to give away too many spoilers on what happens, but the loose ends are all tied up, and where Judy and Jen end the season might surprise you.

Who is starring in Dead to Me Season 3?

Returning for Season 3 of "Dead to Me" are leads Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. There is no show without Jen and Judy, and they're back leading the charge. Also returning is James Marsden as Ben Wood, the twin brother of Steve Wood, who Jen killed in the Season 1 finale. Jen's children Charlie (Sam McCarthy) and Henry (Luke Roessler) also appear in Season 3, as their journey with the fallout of the women's actions has been integral to the story.

Ana Perez (Diana Maria Riva) and Nick Prager (Brandon Scott) have also returned as the detectives investigating the murder of Steve. Natalie Morales is also back as Michelle, Judy's Season 2 love interest. A behind-the-scenes photo previously leaked this appearance on Twitter. Katey Sagal is also back as Judy's imprisoned mother, Elinor. 

Who is the showrunner of Dead to Me Season 3?

The "Dead to Me" showrunner is its creator, Liz Feldman. Feldman told The Hollywood Reporter that the story for "Dead to Me" was always thought out, but she would change the story to adapt to new circumstances. This happened after James Marsden told Feldman he wanted to return to the series after his character was killed off in Season 1. "It was not part of the plan," Feldman said of bringing Marsden back. "It was out of his desire to come back and our collective love for him. When you've got a good thing, you try to keep it going, and sometimes it requires bringing in a twin to do that."

Feldman also serves as executive producer on "Dead to Me," as well as serving on the writing team. Some of her other writing credits include "The Ellen Degeneres Show," "2 Broke Girls," and "One Big Happy." Feldman also has another series coming to Netflix called "No Good Deed."

What is Dead to Me Season 3 rated?

The first two seasons of "Dead to Me" are rated TV-MA, and Season 3 will follow suit. According to Netflix's ratings, this means "Dead to Me" is for mature audiences and is not suitable for ages 17 and under. This particular series gets its TV-MA rating for substances, language, and smoking. Season 3 certainly fits the bill.

"Dead to Me" is definitely not a series parents should let their children watch, especially alone. It has previously included acts of murder, drinking and driving, and sexual scenarios. The murders that have been included are fairly violent, with the act itself being shown, as well as the aftermath of blood. "Dead to Me" is also a big fan of the F word, so you can expect to hear it as well as other explicit language frequently. 

What are critics and audiences saying about Dead to Me Season 3?

Unfortunately, Season 3 of "Dead to Me" isn't receiving the high praise the former two seasons did. Season 3 has a critics score of 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to the 86% and 94% of Seasons 1 and 2, respectively. Season 3's audience score is a tad higher, sitting at 89%. A common theme among negative reviews is that the newest "Dead to Me" installment is rushed. It does off a well-rounded and tear-jerking conclusion, but the path to getting there is rather shaky. 

Fans on Reddit and Twitter seem more than pleased with the show's final season, with many applauding the emotional weight of the last episode. If the viewers have one thing to say about the finale season, it's that it induced more tears than anyone ever imagined. 

Will there be a Season 4 of Dead to Me?

Sorry folks, "Dead to Me" Season 3 will be its last. That was always the plan for creator Liz Feldman, who told The Hollywood Reporter there wasn't a hope to get this show running as long as possible. "I always had the sense that I wanted this show to be a relatively short-running one. I understand the landscape at Netflix. It's very rare for them to have a show that goes five, six, or seven seasons. It can happen, but it's obviously the exception," Feldman explained. She noted "Fleabag" was part of her inspiration, as the show made a name for itself in three short seasons and didn't try to expand further than that.

With Season 3 being the final one for "Dead to Me," we should have a well-rounded ending where we know what lies ahead for Judy and Jen. Of course, they could always go the ambiguous route and have something sinister happen in the finale, leaving fans with a "here we go again" scenario. We'd be surprised to see it go this way but are hoping to see a happy ending for the besties who have had quite a rough go over the last few years.