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This Was The Kage With The Least Power In All Of Naruto

In the world of Naruto, very few figures are as revered as the Kage. Each hidden shinobi village spread across the Five Great Countries has a Kage named after the village's trademark element, and each Kage is considered both its political and military leader. They are also usually one of the village's strongest shinobi. Multiple Kage can exist at one time, though only one assumes active duty as the village's leader at any given point. Throughout the series, it is Naruto's eventual goal to become his village's Hokage. 

We meet almost every one of the hidden villages' Kage over the course of Naruto's plot. All of them are incredibly powerful fighters with mastery over some of the world's most dangerous jutsus. However, some Kage are significantly more powerful than their political rivals. Even then, there are other powerful warriors that can pose a real threat to them on their best day.

Who is the weakest Kage in Naruto?

Among all of the Kage in Naruto, the weakest might just be Rasa, the fourth Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand. In addition to being the village's Kazekage, Rasa is also the father to his successor, Gaara.

Despite possibly being the weakest Kage in the series, Rasa is still an incredibly strong fighter (via Narutopedia). Using an incredibly rare kekkai genkai ability known as Magnet Release, Rasa is capable of manipulating particles of gold dust in the same way that his son can naturally control sand. This gives him a similar power set to Gaara, who was already one of the village's most powerful ninja as a child. However, Rasa's gold is heavier than Gaara's sand, giving him some advantages in certain fights.

Rasa was even capable of squaring off against Shukaku, the Tailed Beast locked inside of Gaara's body. Before Gaara was born, Rasa battled the beast on multiple occasions and managed to subdue him every time. Unfortunately, this still doesn't make him quite as powerful as other Kage. Granted, not every Kage stronger than Rasa has beaten a Tailed Beast, but Rasa did get unceremoniously assassinated offscreen by Orochimaru. Even the much older Third Hokage at least put up a fight against Orochimaru and even sacrificed himself to permanently injure the dangerous rogue ninja. Clearly, in the world of Naruto, not all Kage are created equal.