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Barry Does Everything He Can To Save Iris In New The Flash Trailer

The extended trailer for The Flash's midseason premiere shows that Barry is willing to do whatever it takes to save Iris' life.

"Borrowing Problems From The Future" will deal with the fallout of Barry telling Iris about his vision of her getting murdered by speed god Savitar. "This is not gonna happen," he vows. "I swear on both my parent's lives I will protect you."

In order to save Iris, Barry will try to change the future, starting with the events on a news scroll he saw in his vision. Based on the episode's synopsis, which says "Barry recalls the villain's presence in his vision of the future and fears that if he catches Plunder, it will cement Iris' fate," this will likely have to do with the villain Plunder, who seems familiar to the hero when he shows up in Central City. This only elevates the tension between Barry and Wally, who decides to intervene as Kid Flash after Barry refuses to act. As shown in the trailer, Barry will eventually enlist Wally's help in saving his sister.

"I sent you out here because you're a hero," Barry says. "Iris needs a hero right now, Wally."

As shown in the first preview for the episode, Barry will also get help from Cisco, who will try to Vibe him to an "exact date" in the future that he wants to travel to. Meanwhile, Caitlin is still dealing with the Killer Frost within, while Iris cautions Barry that her future "isn't the only one that we need to change."

The Flash returns on Tuesday, Jan. 24 on The CW. While we wait, check out how the cast of The Flash should really look.