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Why Fans Are Beginning To Like Gold Rush: White Water Better Than The Original

The reality show Gold Rush has been airing on the Discovery Channel for over a decade now. The show focuses on several teams of miners prospecting their respective claims in search of the biggest hauls they can find, hoping to get rich. There have been many colorful faces featured on the show over its 10-year run, but one of the miners we met earliest is Fred "Dakota" Hurt, who managed to earn himself his own spinoff series called Gold Rush: White Water.

White Water sets itself apart from its parent series by focusing on a different aspect of the mining world, one that is decidedly more intensive and dangerous in many ways compared to what Gold Rush viewers are typically used to. Instead of using an array of heavy machinery to fetch gold from the ground, White Water involves using a single machine to suck up gold flakes located at the bottom of riverbeds. There's a different kind of risk to the job, and miners regularly risk their lives diving into the dangerous waters and working on the slippery slopes of the surrounding terrain.

After four seasons, Gold Rush: White Water has really come into its own, and fans have noticed. They like this new formula. In fact, some are beginning to like the show more than the original.

Why fans love Gold Rush: White Water more

The potential risk of diving into deep rapids in the pursuit of fortune does make for an exciting premise. And fans are starting to take more interest in the show as a result. Fans of the show took to Reddit to discuss their newfound preference for White Water's risky business.

"Watched every Goldrush show from the start and later on I was not a big fan of Fred but I have to say I now look forward to white water more than the regular Gold rush," the author of the original post wrote.

Many fans couldn't help but agree. "I have liked it because it's different from just moving dirt," Reddit user u/Scape13 wrote. "It has beautiful scenery, and I find it interesting how dangerous it is and how they do things. Even though they don't get much gold."

Other fans noted that they enjoyed the show for Hurt's son Dustin's personality. But overall, the general consensus seems to be that the higher risk associated with their mining method makes the whole affair more intense and enjoyable. Despite this, some commenters on the post explained that even though they've begun to enjoy White Water more, they still love the original.